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The karmic remedies I recommend here are based on the ‘spirit’ of the ancient texts: if it says to feed birds, I have someone donate to a bird sanctuary. To get an understanding of the intention of scripture, below is a verse from Praśna Mārga XXIII,

“Kings and rich people should establish free hospitals. Ordinary people should at least
give food and medicines to the sick. Then their sickness will disappear. 40.

“The ‘gift of health’ is the most important of all gifts. If anybody wants to be free from
disease and be healthy, they should help the sick with food and medicines. 41.


Suggestions for places to donate:


Helping  own father, service to a government project, paying other’s medical expenses, donation/service to local temple or church, donations for bird protection organizations

help some one pay their medical bills: www.donationto.comwww.healfundr.org ,
Bird Resue: bird.rescueshelter.com 
Traditional Tibetan Hospital in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan

Give India Medical expenses charities https://www.giveindia.org/health
Sun especially beneficial for eye related surgeries 


Helping  own mother, helping community events, donation to battered mothers or single mothers, helping those with depression or other mental disturbances, donation to fish or water life protection organizations


Every Mother Counts

Barefoot College: Moon or Venus in the 10th or a Mercurial sign

Afflicted Moon in the 2nd or 6th: Donation of drinking water

Debilitated Moon or Moon in the 8th house: Oshun Clean water project 


Donations to soldiers, veterans, or the police, donations to burn victims, or fire victims, helping those going through a divorce, or any type of abuse

Wounded Warrior Project

Yoga for Veterans

When Mars is causing family disturbance All Secure Foundation 

Community Violence Prevention

Cure Violence (TED talk on Cure Violence)

When Mars is causing Health Problems or Inflammation Boot Campaign

Moon or 4th house afflicted by Mars and Rahu Honour House

Mars with Saturn: Stop the Violence Project

Mars in Ascendant or 9th house TBI treatment Warrior Angels Foundation or Defenders of Freedom

Mars with Rahu (or aspected by Rahu): Growing Warriors

Mars with Mercury or in a Mercurial sign): Suits for Sons


Donations to schools, donations of books and other learning material, paying for a poor child to attend a better school, or an individual to attain new skills, donations any type of educational organization relative to the house Mercury is placed in


Mercury in a Venus sign: Courtney’s House

Mircofinancial aid to people starting their own businesses

 Mercury in an even sign: http://youtu.be/YwEhKu3T51Q and http://www.globalgiving.org/girleffect/


Business donation http://www.kiva.org/start 

Sun-Mercury conjunction: Support a student to learn Traditional Medicine ngakmang.org

Parashara recommends donation of a goat for Moon-Mercury: goat to children, Heifer International

Lalita Sahasranama 


Actually or financially adopting a child, donations to teachers or spiritual organizations, donation to humanitarian work foundations


Donations to battered wives or other groups that support the upliftment of downtrodden women,  helping individuals get married, supporting artistic or performance  foundations, donation to feline protection services

Saturn aspect to Venus in a Venus or Mercury sign: http://girlsnotbrides.org/

Afflicted Venus in the 7th house: www.unchainedatlast.org

Afflicted Venus in the 6, 8, or 12th house: http://www.fistulafoundation.org/

2nd or 11th house or conjunct with Rahu: trafficking http://www.stopthetraffik.org/
Stop the traffic video  or  www.odanadi.org

Venus in the 11th house: www.gems-girls.org 

Venus Cursed combust the Sun or Sun afflicted in Venus sign: Ending Shame-Restoring Honor

Barefoot College: Moon or Venus in the 10th or a Mercurial sign 

Give India Charities for women https://www.giveindia.org/women


Helping one’s employees, donating to the sick, elderly, poor and homeless, amputees, or wolf sanctuaries

United Farm workers

Save the wolves 

Adopt a Farm: Dunagiri

Give India charities for Saturn https://www.giveindia.org/differentlyabled

Saturn in Mars sign or Mars in Saturn Sign with Mercury or Saturn and Mars in Mercury sign Veteran and amputee recreational clinics

Saturn Mars issues- Assisting homeless veterans vetscanada.org


Donations to environmental protection or rehabilitation projects, donation to drug education and rehabilitation programs,

Rahu in Mars sign or with Mars aspect or conjunct Badhakesha Support Suicide prevention in Veterans.

Kalasarpa (or other nodal issue) with Mars Heroic Hearts Project 


Donation to monks, nuns and spiritual healers, donation and service to yoga organizations

Greenpeace oceans campaigns




Various charities for elderly women https://www.giveindia.org/elderly

http://autoimmunetherapies.com and Helminthic therapy ] 

Bandana Yoga (Jail Combinations)

Donations to organizations that help the falsely accused, or those suffering unjust penalties.
Equal Justice Initiative

Naga Dosha and Naga Badhaka

Moveable sign:


Earthjustice.org: re-born-to-be-re-wild

when associated with Leo or the Sun: http://www.saveourenvironment.org/

Dual Sign  the restocking of wildlife

for those who want to include snakes in their remedy: https://savethesnakes.org

Fixed sign  planting of trees and reforestation


Common vision

World Land Trust

8 Billion Trees carbon offsets

Do some background research on any organisation before you donate: it only works if the donation gets to the actual cause: Charity NavigatorGuidestar non-profitForbes 200 largest US charities

I rarely recommend Gemstones, but these are authentic providers to begin your search:

Leon Weiner at Vinocour Gems

Jay Boyle at Astrological Gem

Nala Sarasvati at Oochamani Gems

David Weitzman at Ka Gold Jewelry  

Priests for Astrological Ritual:

For Northern California:
Virag Tirupati
Grass Valley, CA
Online Bio

For Southern California:
Pandit Sharma Samavedula
Vedic Yagya Center

For long distance pūjā which require one on one interaction with the priest:
Arjun Serneels

For nakṣatra pacifications:
Vivek Nath

Graha Pūjās can also be arranged by Amma’s organization at amritapuja.org