Freedomji“It was an amazing insightful session, more like a knowledge sharing experience. I never felt as if a person in distress is seeking some divine help from another being. It was more like I was rediscovering myself via Freedom. Many of my concerns got covered and very well explained by Freedom. Most importantly Freedom covered one of my Prime concerns in very well explained way – My Purpose of life. I felt very light after knowing that. I felt as if I came to know my sense of purpose to do anything in this life which I thought I was losing it in current time.” ~ Hemant K. 06/19/2014


“I have had occasion to consult Mr. Freedom several times in the last couple of years. My sister has also availed of his services and shares my glowing opinion of his abilities.

The very first time I contacted him on a very painful personal situation, he was very empathetic and at the same time very practical in the remedies he prescribed. The remedies he suggested were relevant to today’s  modern world and were not driven by blind dogma or superstition. They worked well and subsequent consultations have proved the efficacy of his remedial measures time and again. He is very scientific in his approach, very knowledgeable, very patient, thorough and leaves no stone unturned in his quest to help clients find  real happiness and relief from suffering. He also takes the trouble to explain esoteric astrological terms and the rationale behind the approaches he employs. Best of all, he is non-judgmental and super empathetic and this helps tremendously with  building a rapport with your astrologer, and in turn, aiding free and frank discussion necessary to resolve your problem. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Freedom’s astrological services if you are in need of good solutions to life’s prickly problems.” S.B. August 5, 2015


“Anyone who happens to be facing difficulties and problems in life, or is in need of guidance, or who is seeking to better understand their past/present/future karmas will appreciate Freedomji’s skill and insight as a first-class Astrologer. He will literally read the script of your Life (past and present) from your birthchart and will explain it to you in a way that hits home on a deep, deep level. Not to be “spooky”- but from the moment the consultation begins you can actually feel the energies he’s talking about (i.e. the Planets and Devas) ‘activating’ and ‘speaking’ in your consciousness as well as your immediate environment. My first session with him (I’ve had 3) literally transformed the outlook and practice of my own Spirituality.

On another note, I have absolutely no doubt that Freedomji will come to be regarded in history as one of the most profound scholars of Astrology and Vedic Spirituality in our generation – and I don’t say that ‘lightly’. What’s even more important perhaps, to anyone reading this who is considering a consultation with him, is that he is very down-to-earth, and can translate the ancient wisdom of the Sages into language that a typical Westerner can understand, connect with and apply. ~ Jeff D. 04/14/2013 16:52:58


“I had a reading with Freedom and found him to be very thorough and systematic in answering all of my questions, as well as keeping it fun, humorous and light, while imparting deep knowledge and insight into my life situation and my chart. He has a very good working knowledge of astrology and is expert at looking into specific problems and issues using the divisional charts, as well as giving the broader perspective from the main chart. I had several very specific questions about my career and life situation and he was able to help guide me in the right direction. One thing that stands out to me about Freedom as an astrologer is that he is very frank, open and eager to share the information that he sees in your chart, unlike some other astrologers I have seen in the past, who have given somewhat vague or incomplete information surrounding difficult or complicated areas of the chart. He is able to share the information in an unbiased way, while being kind and compassionate at the same moment, recommending the appropriate remedies to any afflictions in the chart. He is able to prescribe the remedies that are appropriate for you. His love and passion for astrology is apparent, and he seems to take a genuine interest in each chart that he studies. He has a great attitude of performing astrology readings as his dharma and as a service, rather than as a commercial venture, as can be seen in many other modern astrologers.I would definitely recommend Freedom as an expert in his field to anyone looking for a reading on anything, from simple to complex issues.” ~Natalia 01/18/2013 14:39:02


“I have learned a great deal from the readings Freedom has given me. He is a scholar of the vedas and his knowledge is vast. I would recommend anyone who is interested in vedic astrology to have a reading with Freedom. He comes from a lineage of astrologers century’s old.” ~Nick 02/14/2012 15:43:29


“About six years ago I came down with a mysterious illness that could not be diagnosed. Rashes, stomach upset, nerve issues, unexplained pain, and constant anxiety plagued my everyday life. I was 125 pounds and was afraid to eat because each time i did i would feel extremely ill. I spend literally tens of thousands of dollars seeing doctors, specialists, natural health practitioners, psychics, and anyone else who would see me. Nothing worked, in fact often times the treatments made me feel worse. After basically giving up, a friend recommended Freedom. I was told that my health issues were not physical but stemmed from a karmic debt. I was given 5 remedies and a 7 sided rudraksha bead. Within two months my illness was diagnosed by an allergist as histamine intolerance. This condition has no physical cause, rather the body just stops producing the enzyme that degrades histamine. Now I am on a special diet and take the enzyme orally. The remedies did not cure the disease but led me to the answers I sought for so long. Now I feel amazing. Not only do I recommend Vedic astrology as a means to an end I recommend freedom who delivered first try without doubt.” ~Ted Lothian 07/03/2011 17:59:45


“Freedom gave me the most helpful astrological reading of my entire life. In particular, the cures he suggested really work! Having a larger view on my life, soul urge, relationships to close family members, and talents gives me a perspective so that I can make the best possible choices. I’m grateful for this reading.” Ellen Oct 21, 2016 at 10:39 PM


  1. Amba Sarah Caldwell  April 1, 2015

    The reading with Freedom was wonderfully frank, insightful, and informative, clarifying very difficult life and spiritual situations I had been unable to untangle. Freedom provided very specific guidance on what was causing the problems in my life and clear advice on specific things I could do to improve the situation. He also provided deep insight into the karmic and psychological aspects of these astrological positions, how the whole life pattern reflects these and what can be done to enhance one’s spiritual growth and fulfillment in relationships. The reading provided an essential guidepost for me on my life path at a critical juncture, and I am very grateful for that.

  2. Melissa Townsendq  April 27, 2016

    What an amazing experience! Freedom Cole is really something special, and a reading with him is a wonderful gift to give to yourself. He is warm, funny, insightful, intelligent, perceptive — the list goes on and on. Really– it was extremely helpful AND delightful — not because all the news was “good.” But because his approach is so grounded and practical and clear. He does a great job weaving in the astrology and mythology with plain, easy-to-understand English. He does what any good reading should do – in clarifying the situations and issues at hand, and pointing (the client) in the direction of understanding and grace. And he does it beautifully. I can’t say enough positive about the reading – and the solid, clear information that made sense! and was helpful. Sometimes, one needs the situation to be re-framed; sometimes one needs to “do” something differently. Freedom Cole does an excellent job of sorting all that out for you, beautifully. And he is a joy to talk to.

  3. Martin Matsyendranath Melounovsky  April 29, 2016

    I have met venerable Freedom Cole in Benares when he was explaining complex astrological topic contained in 6. chapter of Tantraloka (within the workshop conducted by venerable Mark Sadashaya Dyczkowski) . I was deeply impressed by his knowledge and insight.
    Later on I have been fortunate to receive Jotysh reading from him. Which was instrumental for tuning up my tantra sadhana. Therefore I can highly recommend his reading to all upasakas. And obviously to all those people looking for understanding the Mystery of Life and various events contained within.

    Martin Matsyendranath Melounovsky

  4. Ellen Davidson  October 15, 2016

    This was the best astrology reading I’ve ever had. I’m new to Vedic Astrology and was surprised by how accurate the reading was. I really appreciated being given ways to work with my chart and can already feel powerful effects, especially from the goddess Durga. This was a real blessing in my life and my heart is experiencing the joy of feeling grateful.

  5. Katka Janésková  November 16, 2016

    There in the Universe is written down the truth. The truth about your spirit, about your life. And Freedom has an amazing skill to read it. All about you, all what you need to know. His precision is breathtaking. He is very perceptive and patient. The consultation with Freedom is really joyful and you can laugh a lot together. He gives you lots of very good advices and he really helps. The consultation with Freedom brings you a great value. The only think you have to do is work on yourself and follow Freedoms advices. I must say, I am very grateful for meeting with him.

  6. Raphael Khalef  October 4, 2017

    Raphael Khalef, October 2017

    A consultation with Freedom is like jumping into the real heart of Jyotish, where the real reason behind the intricacy of the techniques he uses in reading the chart becomes clear and visible : to “nail” it with the exact right remedies, unique and specific to the individual , the time and the place, and allow his client to go the deepest core of how our life unfolds and why it unfolds that way. Practiced that way, Jyotish deserves its place as the most precious tool to guide a human being through the waters of life. Congratulations for preserving and holding that tradition so purely and genuinely. It’s a reward in itself to be a witness to this knowledge.

  7. Lisa Marie  February 7, 2018

    So grateful I booked a reading with Freedom. I’m a Yoga Teacher, an Entrepreneur, although I’ve studied a lot of Yoga and other modalities, there were some things in my life that weren’t lining up. After my reading I had tools that I wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else that I put into place and immediately saw results. I’m excited to understand things in my chart and the way my life is in this deep and accurate way. Freedom is an expert in his field. I highly recommend using his services to enrich and improve your life.

  8. Shruti Harve  February 8, 2018

    I had a reading earlier today, and what a fantastic, simply fantastic reading, it was a real eye opener, showing me clearly the direction I should go. Explained so simply and clearly-so spot on!, I so very look forward to implementing the many remedies prescribed. Thank you so very much Freedom Ji! Thank you!

  9. Ana  March 23, 2018

    What a learned, gifted, genuinely motivated Jyotish scholar we have the good fortune of working with here! So many of my concerns clearly brought to light, several remedies evoked. Our exchange has helped me tremendously both in my personal and professional life and given me the courage to do better for myself and move forward with more confidence. Mr. Cole was spot on on all of his observations and also very funny! It’s so nice to be in the hands of a true scholar and know you are being cared for with the best of intentions. He also inspired me to delve deeper into my own Jyotish studies. If you are struggling with or confused about any of your life’s major aspects, I highly recommend reaching out to Mr. Cole. It is well worth the small investment. Thank you again. Many blessings, A!

  10. Deana  June 11, 2018

    After my reading with Freedom I felt as if my molecular structure reconfigured! I had the feeling of being deeply seen, actually stripped bare, and at the same time held in a space of safety and impeccable integrity. Freedom is truly gifted in both the art and science of Vedic astrology. I am so grateful to have had the profound experience of the reading and equally appreciative to have remedial measures to apply.

  11. Melissa  September 27, 2018

    I cannot say enough positive about Freedom Cole and his readings. First of all – they are helpful! He is clear, acurate, warm, funny, and down-to-earth — all while give you clear, precise, and detailed astrological information. I have recommended him to clients and friends. He is an incredible, valuable resource. I glanced at some of the above readings – and I agree completely with everything they say. A reading with Freedom is inspiring and helpful.

  12. Anni  October 19, 2018

    I loved that Freedom brought up what I needed to work on with myself, then he recommended tools to start healing and doing the work. With these tools, I can move forward & heal which will help attract exactly what I want in my life. Instead of making me a victim, he focused more on ways I can acknowledge what I need to & improve myself from that. Freedom has a true gift to read the universe & I am blessed that I was able to receive a piece of it. Thank You ❤️

  13. Stanislava  December 13, 2018

    I had a reading done earlier this year after some convincing by a person I trust a lot. I have to say that after several months of applying remedies proposed by Mr Cole, I see how much he was precise in his readings. I have still a lot of work to do of course but I am convinced now and recommend his services to all who need to work on their life issues. Moreover, he is very précise, I was warned about 1 particular issue and it came by just a few weeks ago.

  14. Melissa  February 27, 2019

    I’ve been getting readings from Freedom Cole for several years now, and have left reviews before — but he is so wonderful, that after every reading, I want to leave a review again! He is just so great — helpful, specific, warm, clear, and down-to-earth. There are many other adjectives I could bring into play — but if you’re reading this, wondering if you should get a reading from him, just do it. I don’t get readings often, and I don’t trust many people to do readings for me, and I trust Freedom. Afterwards, I feel clearer and lighter – but still very aware of what needs to be done. He’s the best.

  15. Jane Esposito  September 1, 2019

    Freedom’s remedies are both spiritual and practical. He sees multifaceted angles, then possibility opens up. He is wise, lighthearted and gives advice on even the most difficult situation. Freedom is excellent in “telling it as it is. “ He prescribes remedies or actions for you to take in order to propitiate a better outcome. Freedom’s readings and remedies not only extended the quality of my husband’s life and our relationship, they’ve also reminded me of who I am on a soul level. It is a privilege to have such a knowledgeable concise interpretation of the primordial energies, cause and effect that influences us, as well as to get concise directions to a “way out.” Out of numerous consultations I have had with others, Freedom’s by far were the most helpful to me in my life.

  16. Iris Brito Stevens  November 7, 2019

    Freedom came into my life at a time of transition, and frankly––radical personal struggle. I didn’t know what Vedic Astrology was but I was open. The most important piece was sharing all the crazy truth that was occurring in my life and then learning things from Freedom which gave me a different perspective…one which organically encouraged non-judgement and compassion and a sense of personal responsibility. I was given things to do…and a ritual which has marked a turning point in my life, and I know that these efforts are affecting (and will continue to affect) the kind of change that I am seeking. Living in a way that is authentic and aligned with my soul purpose matters so much to me. I believe that working with Freedom is leading me there. I am truly grateful that he has come into my life. His presence is a blessing and clearly, not by accident.

  17. gokhan  June 3, 2020

    It was an amazing experience to see whatever has been written in the testimonials find body during my session.
    I’m interested in astrology (western) since 2001-2002 and I had many readings up until now (natal, horary, synastry for soulmate matching, with tarot etc. etc.) this was one of the best and most beneficial readings I’ve ever had since then, whereas my first and rather recent vedic reading with another astrologer hadn’t made much of a sense and I was now a bit skeptical, but with Freedom it was to the point and most importantly including remedies and solutions, it changed my perspective. I think and I hope our interaction with Freedom won’t stop here and he’ll be a reference point for me whenever I have an ordeal in my life. And yes, he’s really compassionate, understanding, accepting and funny. Thank you Freedom, for being there and giving me this new perspective.

  18. Atmanidhi  January 20, 2021

    Just WOW! I had experienced readings before but never like this. I was nervous with anticipation for some unknown reason upon dialling into this reading and was greeted by a calming clear presence of FREEDOM! The session exceed my questions and literally absorbed them into a place of greater meaning, direction and enthusiasm for the path before me. His capacity to answer questions unasked, to offer remedies to the hearts silent wounds and deliver the tingle of delight for the love of Life. He was able to speak to and weave the threads of my experience into the fabric of wisdom where I could see the beauty of it all though I had simply been flowing blindly on the intuitive currents before me. THANK YOU DEAR FREEDOM – I am so looking forward to the refinements of practice you offered.

  19. Cecile  April 15, 2021

    I just want to say thank you Freedom! The thorough and thoughtful consultation you gave me really helped me clear through the fog and heaviness that has been hanging over me for sometime. I now have a clear path to rejuvenation that is heart opening and freeing. Sending you Divine Blessings.

  20. Seth  July 30, 2021

    An astrologer is a diviner, yes, but they are also a physician–when their services are requested, it is to amend ills, to restore peace to troubled living, to remedy a tilted life. I am blessed to have met one who delivers the medicine with such ease, expertise, humour, and compassion.

  21. Christine  September 10, 2021

    The choice of one’s astrologer is very personal – you are giving so much power to that person to tell you what reality is and what things mean. The carnival trappings that accompany some practitioners belie the serious nature of what is going on. Astrologers were the advisors to Kings and I think the best still act that way. But if you are considering Vedic, I truly love this man and the depth of his compassion and willingness to work with you spiritually and how evident is his respect for you and your spiritual path and well/being. It’s a trust and he honors it.

  22. TJ  October 16, 2021

    This was my first proper vedic reading and oh boy Freedom is thorough. He worked with me over all the topics of my concerns, suggested remedies (some without me even asking) and answered all my questions with patience and compassion. Yes its homework but Freedom ji’s suggestions are practical / helpful and make a lot of sense. You can see the care and excitement for his clients in his eyes. Wonderful wonderful experience and I look forward to seeing him again.

  23. PSV  December 18, 2021

    Thank you Freedom Cole Ji for a very enlightening session covering everything! Feeling very grateful! Thank you so much Emmeline for accommodating our request for an expedited consultation in such a short notice and Sri.Freedom for giving us a great insight into our lives with such a great compassion and understanding. Thank you both very much!

  24. Annette Shellenbarger  September 6, 2023

    Freedom Cole has been my Jyotishi for over 8 years and I can’t say how lucky and blessed I am to have his guidance in my life. He has helped me with my medical issues, my marriage, my career, my children, and my life in general and I cannot be more grateful. I don’t know where I would be without his compassionate counseling. His predictions and remedies for events in my life have always been spot on, which not only helped me to be prepared but gave me peace of mind, and improved the quality of my life. Thank you for everything Freedomji! You are priceless!

  25. Shalini  May 6, 2024

    I was referred to Freedomji by my dear friend. When I reached out to him I was in middle of crisis and he was not accepting new clients. So I reached out to others. They were good but what was amazing about Freedomji is that he loves what he does and genuinely wants to help you. He sees you without an opinion or judgement. Just wants to tell what it is as is and what things will help you. I was able to get thru the tough times with his guidance. I feel blessed and fortunate to have his guidance and wisdom.

  26. Naomi  May 17, 2024

    I’m still processing and working on implementing all of Freedom’s insights but I’ve already seen such an incredible improvement in my quality of life. I am so grateful for his help and care! So many things finally make sense and I see a clear path forward with what I learned in our session! I highly recommend working with freedom or any of his students.

    If you’ve never worked with an astrologer before—even better. I realize now I’ve received many incomplete teachings from astrologers who focused more on the diagnostic angle. I knew what was “wrong” but not how to survive it. Now I’m genuinely THRIVING and realize what an amazing gift I’ve received by connecting with Freedom.

    Forever grateful and absolutely will be back to follow up after implementing all of his advice

  27. Allison  May 20, 2024

    I am very grateful for Freedom’s wise counseling. The depth and precision of his readings is extraordinary. I have found that sessions with him really get to the heart of the matter. He is very compassionate, and able to frame long-term challenges (including very sticky karma) in such a productive and enlightening manner. I have learned so much from the new perspectives that he has given me, and his recommendations for remediation practices are very thorough and effective, with an eye for long-lasting results. It’s wonderful to have that kind of clarity about positive steps to take, all with a higher purpose in mind. Many thanks!!


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