Adding the Charts of Family Members

In an individualistic culture, people often think of themselves as exclusive to others around them. In the Vedic tradition, which comes from a more socially inclusive culture, it is understood that the family is an interdependent unit. If your spouse or children are suffering, it will impact you.


  1. There are various astrological combinations that show up in parent and children’s charts which indicate an intergenerational karma that may need to be addressed in a slightly different approach than if the karma is just seen to be from one’s own past karma.
  2. There are combinations in a child’s chart that can impact the financial well-being of a family for better or worse. If there is a poverty combination in a child’s chart, performing a remedy for that can improve the parents’ financial success.
  3. Other details may be addressed to improve the child’s well-being. More about how we look at a child’s chart can be read at Freedom’s blog.

Spouse (or partner)

  1. When looking at the chart of the spouse, we look at interpersonal dynamics that impact the relationship with the primary person receiving the consultation.
  2. There may also be a quick analysis of any major issue that stands out that and would impact the primary person receiving the consultation.

Ex-spouse (or recent ex-partner)

  1. We often look at the chart of the most recent ex-spouse of someone divorced so that we can ‘find’ the combination for that individual in the chart and understand what the next possible relationship may look like. This is called Upapada in Vedic Astrology. 
  2. Even if in a new relationship, the past partner’s chart may indicate relationship patterns that are being repeated (as compared to the present partner’s chart) which may need remedies to alter. These charts are only used only to understand how planetary combinations are manifesting in the primary person receiving the consultation.

What is needed for an additional chart

To be the most beneficial, please add the date, time and place of birth. If you do not know the time, you are welcome to add the date and location, but there may not be as much helpful information from the details.