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Follow-up consultations are for those who have previously had a full consultation.

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    Follow-ups are scheduled during the second half of the day. Please request 15, 30, or 60 minutes when scheduling a follow-up, or you will automatically be given 30 minutes.

    Follow-ups can generally be seen within the week if requests are processed and scheduled by the previous Sunday. Payment is made after the Reading.

    Specific Follow-up focuses

    More: You want more information on an area talked about in your initial consultation. Make sure to indicate the areas you want to discuss, so mathematical calculations can be done beforehand and not during your time.  Generally 15-30 minutes.

    New opportunities: A new possibility (job/home/travel) has come up in your life and you want a deeper insight into the outcome of possible actions. Get insight into investment opportunities, and whether they are good for you. Generally 15-30 minutes.

    Updates: Sometimes I mention when there will be a big transition where a reading would be beneficial. Sometimes you are just ready to get some insight into where you are since the last reading and look at what lies ahead. Some returning clients do yearly charts which look specifically at the upcoming year and are great to do near your birthday. Generally 30 to 60 minutes.

    Timing (Muhurta): Timing is everything and follow ups are great for choosing a beneficial time to begin projects or new ventures. Readings will vary in length due to the importance of the muhurta: 15 minutes for small projects, 30 minutes for big store openings, an hour for marriage dates. Please include the preferred spans of time to have the event. 

    Relationship: Look at prospective partners to know compatibility. Look at the energy between two charts of people in an existing relationship and see the beneficial areas and downfalls and see what can be done astrologically to uplift the relationship. Determine what gemstones, mantras or other remedies can be used to improve relationship. Generally 30 minutes.

    Question/Remedy (Prashna): Often there is just a small question that needs to be addressed or remedied. In many ways, it is more traditional to go to an astrologer, tell your problem and get a remedy. This is done by looking at the stars the moment the question is asked and integrating that with the birth chart. 

    Payment details are at the bottom of the Services page