Vedic Consultation Services

Freedom has been studying Jyotish since 1996. He has been empowered to teach and give consultations through the Parampara (lineage) of Sri Achyutanada Das from Odisha (formerly known as Orissa), India.

Initial Vedic Consultations consist of an overview of the birth chart with a focus on achieving one’s purpose in life, removing what is in the way of that purpose, and recommending traditional and modern Vedic remedies, Ayurvedic protocols or Yogic practices to support this process. Consultations may then go into specific topics as desired by the individual.

How to schedule a Vedic Astrology Reading

After not accepting new clients for a year, Freedom is presently accepting clients onto his 6 month waitlist who come with a referral from a previous client.

For those interested in ‘learning about their chart’, we suggest the 6 week course, where Freedom’s senior teachers teach about the chart and its indications and apply it to your personal chart.

Referrals to Freedom’s senior students are available for those who want a consult more quickly or while waiting for availability.

Practicing Graduates of Freedom’s Classes:
Vidya Henderson: Relationship Astrology
Mrinmoyee Prajna: Astrology, tutoring, teaching
Joey Bujold: Astrology
Maggie Hippman: Astrology, teaching
Zelda Testard: Astrology
Abhimanyu Rana: Business and financial astrology
Jessica Lusignan: Medical Astrology
Annete Shellenbarger: Medical Astrology
Hemant Kathuria: Astrology, Prashna
Nala Sarasvati: Gemstones and Jyotish
Ranjeet: Astrology
Aurelie Frydman Consults in French, English astrology newsletter

Expedited Consultations are possible for time sensitive situations based on availability with referral from Vaidya, Therapist or spiritual teacher associated with Freedom.

Information Form:

The more thorough the information form is filled out the sooner a reading can be scheduled and the more information will be covered within the consultation. Filling in the purpose of the reading section both insures you get the answers you are seeking and allows you to be clear about what answers you are seeking. Freedom is not a psychic. He approaches Vedic astrology as a science that anyone with dedication can learn. He is famous for his insight and advice which he gives based on the rules of Indian astrology seen through a multi-cultural perspective. 

Note: active students are requested to wait till after completing classes to request a reading.

Payment for Reading

The Initial Consultation is $375.00. Freedom’s assistant researches any issues with the birth location, timezones and the various divisional charts and formats these beforehand. Freedom spends up to an hour with the chart before the consultation, calculating various aspects by hand. Initial consultations generally last 60 to 90 minutes, and are recorded digitally and e-mailed by Freedom’s assistant (you are welcome to record as well).

Consultations can be in-person, on skype or on the phone. We accept cash in person, check by mail, credit cards through paypal or bitcoin online. Please pay AFTER the consultation.

Follow-ups, yearly readings and other guidance are available for those who have previously had a full consultation. Follow-ups are $160.00 an hour, and are available in 15 minute increments (15, 30, 45, 60 minutes). Follow-ups can generally be seen within two to three weeks if requests are processed and scheduled by the previous Sunday.

Initial consult is $375
(To be paid after Consultation)

If you prefer to mail a check, the address is:
Freedom Cole
P.O.Box 2665
Nevada City, CA 95959 USA

See below for other payment methods. 


After a consultation has been scheduled and confirmed, you have till 24 hours before the consultation to reschedule. Missing an initial consultation requires a $160 fee in order to reschedule, and $40 for missing a follow-up.

Expedited Consultation for time sensitive situations. $450. These are taken on a case by case basis for situations that cannot wait 6-12 months for an appointment.

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