The Breakdown of Mataṅgī’s ten syllable mantra

aum hrīṁ klīṁ huṁ mātaṅgyai phat svāhā | vāmkeśvaratantra/yamala


hrīṁ : Māyā, Sakti bīja; creator of the entire material world by this sound

klīṁ : Kamā bīja, invoke the fire (of agni bīja), fulfills all desires

huṁ : damana bīja- supression of all evils and problems (Rāhu runs away)

: Mother bīja

taṁ : gives the power to attract, people will come to you, accomplisher of        

             things capable of achieving Sarva Siddhi in combination with Sarasvatī 


yai : ya: Vāyu bīja, peace giver, prostration

             ai : Sarasvatī bīja, giver of vidyā (knowledge) and siddhi (perfection),   

                 origin of Jala bīja (from here the water starts flowing-creation, creative

                  energy), ends enmity

             yai : Vidyā and siddhi for the purpose of peace

              mātaṇgyai = Attracting the Mother for knowledge and peace (Mataṅga                

                            means elephant, the person becomes as powerful as an elephant).

phat : astra bīja, invokes the power of the deity to protect, protects dharma

svā : self, atman, fire

: ākāsh bīja, the seed sound of space/ether tattva

               Svāhā : the wishes of the self taken to the skies, offered to the gods


aum hrīṁ klīṁ huṁ mātaṅgyai phat svāhā |


Syllable and Words:
Mataṅgī’s daśākṣarī mantra has 7 words and 10 akṣaras. It takes the energy of the 7th bhāva (feelings of partnership) to the 10th house of career/karma. Mataṅga is an elephant, so it brings auspicious energy to ones work, as well as fame and good name. It suppresses the negative aspects of the Sun, which are ego, and controlling nature. It supports vitality, speech, and dhī (wisdom). Mataṅgī mantras cleanse the shadow from the solar power and heal shame. This mantra particularly removes the shame that is holding one back from career success.