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Introduction to the Arudha Lagna

A sign has a reflection in its ruler planet. The planet acts as a mirror giving the same importance to the corresponding reflection as the original sign. As the light of the Moon is a reflection of the Sun so is the Arudha (Moon) a reflection of the Rasi (Sun). As important as the Moon is in Vedic Astrology, the Arudha is of up most importance along with the Lagna itself. Therefore we must understand the Arudha and what it represents.

There are three levels of perceptible ‘reality’. The first level is the Atma, which is Truth beyond all manifestation, often called Reality with a capital ‘R’. The next level of reality is the material world we live in. If you don’t eat you get hungry and die, the body has some reality to it, reality with a lower case ‘r’. It is impermanent and goes away, in that way it is less real that the Atma level of Reality. The third level of reality is the reality that exists within our heads, our perception. This is often called delusion more than reality, as our perceptions rarely meet with the reality of the material world. But this reality that exists in our heads is often more influential in our behavior than the material world itself. Most people don’t buy the soap that will get their clothing the cleanest, they buy the one that has had the best effect on their mind through commercial advertising, graphic design of the box, and other such marketing aimed at one’s perceptions. A boss doesn’t always pick the most capable person, they pick the one that presents themselves the best, and is ‘perceived’ as the best employee for the job. The perception, the perceived aspect of oneself, is very influential with ones interaction with reality. This is especially pertinent when dealing with how a person relates to others and the public. The Arudha (AL) is what is distinctly visible , it is that which catches the mind .

What an individual may know about themselves (Lagna) may not be what others think of them (AL). Looking at a chart from Lagna verse Arudha Lagna will tell these two different stories. A person may know they are sick but it only becomes known that they are sick when it is perceived by others due to certain symptoms or going to the hospital. The Arudha Lagna tells about the illusion perceived by others, what people believe about you, which varies from what really is. A person may be a crook, but with an exalted AL lord they will still be well liked and rise in popularity. To compare it to the Upapada, if the UL is strong people will believe the marriage is fine, even if partners have been separated. Or even if the marriage doesn’t work and the couple wants to separate, in the public eye it will remain a marriage. There are cases of people waiting 12 years to get a divorce because of the strength of the UL.

The whole world is Maya, the world is created by the mind, the world is perception. Though it may be illusion in the mind, it is still effectively acting on the manifestation of reality. The Arudha is not just seen as a perception, for what is perceived is what is making things move, making things turn and happen. The Arudha Lagna shows the person and how they are perceived. To compare, if Venus is in Scorpio with A10 of a person born on Nanda tithi, the person will have an extra-marital affair with their boss or someone from work. The A10 shows who, it is showing a person, and how that person is perceived, where they are being perceived from. If the A5 is damaged it can hurt the manifestation to have children [1]. In this way, the AL represents the individual (Lagna) and how it is perceived. The circumstances of death are seen from the 3 rd house from AL , it does have a physical reality to it. As a special ascendant it will give results both in the mind of others and how their minds react with the reality of the individual. Both mental (perceived image) and physical results (interaction) are seen from the Arudha Lagna.

The AL is how people see you and interact with you within the material world called Maya.

The Lagna is like the Sun, the Arudha lagna is like the Moon, and the Paka Lagna is like Jupiter. They are the three eyes; the Sun (right eye), Moon (left eye) and Jupiter (third eye). They are the three aspects purified with the mantra Hare Rama Krsna; Hare (Jupiter), Rama (Sun) and Krsna (Moon).

Introduction to the Houses from Arudha Lagna

For Me great Brahman is the womb. In it I place the seed, the origin of all beings exists from that, Arjuna.|| 14 – 3||

In all wombs, forms come to be of which Brahman is the great womb. I am the seed-sowing father.|| 14 – 4||

Sattva, rajas, tamas, thus the gunas[2] born of material nature,
bind down in the body the Imperishable Embodied One (atman).|| 14 5|

The origin of all beings exists from the seed placed in the womb of Brahma as the seed placed in the womb of any other creature creates that creature. The Atma (soul) is placed in the womb of Brahma (the Creator) to take on physical form. That soul having taking on a body made of prakrti (material nature) is then bound into that body by the gunas. Liberation is said to take place when the gunas, which originate in the body, are transcended[3].They no longer are able to bind down the soul. How the gunas are transcended is the story of the Gita. How to understand the gunas and there effect is the story of Jyotish and the Arudha.

The Grahas each have their respective Guna as clearly mentioned by Rishi Parasara.

jévasüryendravaù sattvaà budhaçukrau rajastathä |
süryaputrabharäputrau tamaùprakåtikau dvija ||3. 22||

In this verse Parasara says that Jupiter, Surya and Moon are sattvic, Mercury and Venus are rajasic, Saturn and Mars are tamasic, and then he uses the word prakrtikau, which means ‘all that manifests’. He is saying that everything manifests from these gunas. The gunas need to manifest before their result manifests. This agrees directly with the Bhagavad Gita:

Actions in all cases are performed by the gunas of material nature.|3 – 27

So one of the most important atributes of the grahas is their guna, which manifests everything. Creation, sustenance and destruction are the three interactions of Purusha and Prakritti, they are the three shaktis. Brahma (rajas) creates, Visnu (sattva) sustains, and Shiva (tamas) destroys.

Visnu sustains through the sattvic planets, Jupiter (Hare), Sun (Rama), and Moon (Krsna). Jupiter (akash) is the sustainer for both living and non-living world, it permeates everything and everything exists within it. It is like Narayana, everywhere, in everything, every thing in it, supporting all life. It is the grace of god (Jupiter is god in all signs) that can overcome Yama (death). It is the aspect of Jupiter that can stop a shoola dasha from killing. It is the aspect of Jupiter that allows one to cross the nodes in the saptamsa. It is Jupiter that keeps the jiva (individual soul) in the body, in this way the sattva of Jupiter sustains all life.

The Sun relates to the availability of resources which it gives through the signs. The Rasis are the dwadashaditya, the 12 Suns. They give the fruits in this world, they are the environment that is either bountiful or barren. This is why many poverty mantras work with the Sun. This is why physical ability to have children is seen from the Sun Arudhas, the physical ability. It is a strong Sun that ignites raja yoga because the availability of resources is available for raja yoga to start. That which gives the fruits, the resources in this world, is related to/sustained by the sattva of the Sun.

The Moon is the mother nurturing, needing the resources. This can be seen from the Hora Chart, ruled by Sun and Moon, which shows resources available and needs to be met (Jupiter shows using the resources). The Moon Horas show the need and Sun Horas show the availability, Jupiter shows your intelligence in using the resources available to your needs. The sattva of the Moon is the nurturing and the caring that is needed to sustain.

Brahma creates through the rajasic planets of Venus and Mercury. Venus is Jala (water) which is the base of all creation, the base of the living world. The 7 th house from Venus brings a partner for procreation. Mercury is Prthvi (earth) and is therefore the creator of the non-living world. His rajas rules over the solid state changes. The 7th lord from Mercury will show the partner you need for creating non-living things: business and the creation of goods to market or use. Mercury and Venus should be in a Kendra from AL for a person to enjoy the creation and the creation process.

The rajasic planets consume large amounts of energy (agni tattva) to be able to create. Sanyas is renunciation of energy for the cause of creation (rajas). Therefore renunciation is of Mercury (business) and Venus (procreation). A true sanyas must be able to give up these two things.

Shiva destroys through the tamasic planets Mars and Saturn. Mars is Agni (fire), it breaks things down, transforms them into something new. Things don’t go away they just change, everything is just changing shape and form. Mars destroys non-living world, that which needs to be broken. A chair is useful as long as it works, when it breaks it is thrown away, transformed into something else.

Saturn is connected to Dharmaraj Yama, the Lord of Death who comes for all beings when it is their time. Saturn is the tamas that makes vata invades every cell till the body deteriorates, which is called aging. As Saturn rules aging he is what destroys the living world. Saturn is what makes us renounce, he is renouncing Mercury and Venus. When choosing Muhurta of something non-living one must be careful of Mars. For a Muhurta of the living one is to be careful of Saturn’s placement, for example, if Saturn is 3 rd from AL or aspecting it shows disease at time of death. Mars and Saturn are both significators of death and destruction, and are best is in apoklimas and worst is in kendras.

Bhagavan is the sustainer. Creation and destruction are continuous, but when sustenance stops, it is the end of a mahayuga, and the living world is destroyed, called pralaya. Saturn is a cleansing process, a destroying process: disease is part of the destruction process. A new creation without the proper destroying is called cancer. Destruction without equal creation is called degenerative disorders.

In Ayurveda, there are 3 main doshas (problems) of the body which are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are what cause physical imbalance. When the body is treated the main remedy is herbs, diet and asana. There are 2 main doshas of the mind which are rajas and tamas. When the mind is treated the method becomes the increasing of satva, the balanced state of mind.

From sattva knowledge is born, and from rajas desire,
negligence and delusion arise from tamas and ignorance too.|| 14 – 17 Bhagavad Gita||

So when we talk about mind (Moon) the gunas become very important. It is the Mind that is creating your reality, it is doing this through the gunas which manfest everything. The gunas of the mind attract your reality to you. A sattvic mind will find itself in a clean spiritual setting gaining knowledge, a rajasic mind will need to occupy itself with Rahu sense stimulation and will chase after this and end up in rajas company, rajasic situation, and all the time increases the samskaras of rajas[4]. These gunas rule the mind and bind the soul into the body. The body goes where the gunas of the mind lead it, and the soul follows. The gunas rule your body, and they rule your mind which is your perception. The mind is the organ percieving your sensory reality, therefore the guns are ruling how you are percieving your reality and how others are percieving you.

Who you really are at the soul level and at the level of lagna verse how you are percieved at the level of Arudha are two different things. Do the people at your work really know “you”. No they only know what they percieve of you, what you consciously let them know, what you unconsciously let them know, what you pretend to be, and all that muddied up through another indivuals own mind perception. The image of you becomes far from the Truth, it is an image,a reflection that will change according to the mirror. A clean mirror (uccha lagnesh) giving a better reflection or a dirty mirror giving a worse reflection. It is these perceptions that govern you interaction with reality. These perceptions are in the mind, a mind ruled by rajas, tamas and sattva. A mind ruling the body. “Actions in all cases are performed by the gunas of material nature”.

I hope this has clarified the importance of the gunas in manifesting reality, and how the gunas relate to the mind which therefore relates to the Arudha Lagna. With this understanding, one can preceed to look at the Arudha Lagna at the level of the gunas, and the gunas of the planets interacting with it. We now understand that the AL is more than just a perception, it is a point of relating to the world. Therefore the houses from the AL can be understood to affect both the perception of the individual as well as how they actually act and are treated in the world.

The houses from the Arudha Lagna all have their guna:

1 Creation
2 Sustenance
3 Destruction
4 Creation
5 Sustenance
6 Destruction
7 Creation
8 Sustenance
9 Destruction
10 Creation
11 Sustenance
12 Destruction


Foot Notes
Brighu nadi has many mentions of this, for example, “if Mercury occupies the A5, Saturn aspects the 5th house and Mars aspects Jupiter, then the natives wife will give birth to dead children.”
[2] Please read chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita for clarification on the gunas.
[3]Transcending the gunas which originate in the body, guëänetänatétya tréndehé dehasamudbhavän | 14-20 Bhagavad Gita
[4] The goal of spiritual life is to increase sattva until you have the ability to transcend it.


2nd house from Arudha Lagna

The 2nd house from the Arudha lagna (which I will for the moment call AL2 for ease of writing, reading and speaking), is a house of sustenance. It’s natural karaka is Jupiter, so its the sustenance of Jupiter, which is a powerful supporting force. Positive planets here can uplift the Arudha by giving it the best sustenance. Malefics can pull the Arudha down by the negativities they represent. For example, Saturn second from the AL may show a person whose reputation is damaged by lying. Or if Mars and Venus were second from AL then the person may have their reputation ruined by sexual scandal. The AL2 will sustain the Arudha, and benefics placed here will give the Arudha Lagna good nourishment to rise.

Parasara says that if “Mercury, Jupiter or Venus are exalted (or strong) in the AL2 it will make the native rich. (29-28)” “If Mercury is in the AL2 the native will lord over the whole country and be knowing everything. Venus in the AL2 will make one a poet or a speaker (29-30). This verse shows how benefics uplift and support the Arudha, and help it to rise according to their significations. The AL2 is very important for the longevity of the Arudha’s rise. Jaimini says if the Moon, Venus or Jupiter are in the AL2 the person becomes rich. If any other planet is there in exaltation, the same is the result.” (1.3.15-16)

Looking at the chart of Bill Gates, his lagna lord and AL lord are exalted. His AL2 has Venus in its own sign, an exalted Saturn with a neechabanga Sun. This is a very strong AL2 and will provide the proper support of his image. He is a good speaker with Venus there and became famous as a common man (Saturn) rising to the one of the most powerful positions (Sun).

Adolf Hitler had an exalted Sun lording his AL2, if not for his defeat he would have become a King over Europe with power being the main support of his Arudha.

George Bush has Jupiter lording his AL2, and Jupiter is in maranakarakasthana with the Moon and A11. So George Bush has his Arudha sustained by Jupiter’s killing and the gains (A11) that he gets from it. As it is Jupiter and Moon it will support the Arudha even though it is negative publicity. This combination has helped him to rise to the position of power and prosperity he presently enjoys.

Jaimini also says in 1.3.14 that “Ketu in the AL2 indicates prematurely graying hair or an elongated penis.” The Mahavidya connected to Ketu is Dhoomavati, a goddess with gray hair, the planet in the AL2 will show its traits on the native as they progress through life. The elongated penis is relative to Rahu in the 2nd from the 7 th . Showing extra support for the 7th house, the opposite indication (Rahu in the 2nd ) is said to have the opposite result. Nakshatras and indications of the 7th house of the navamsa need to be taken into account with this rule for accurate results.

Planets in the 2nd from the AL will often show health ailments directly affecting the Arudha. For example Mercury afflicted in the AL2 can cause weight problems. The 2 nd house is a maraka house. The 2nd house from UL can also be seen to see the apparent illnesses of the spouse.

One last note on the AL2, it is important to remember that Parasara noted that “yogas narrated with reference to the 7th from AL are to also be considered from AL2 [29-27]”.

3rd house from Arudha Lagna

The AL3 is a tamasic destroying house and its karaka is Mars. This is a very hard placement and will show a breaking nature. Benefics in this house are often renounced, their significations are broken out of the life. Tamasic planets act very harsh here as they are supported. People with Saturn and Mars in this placement will be known for their harsh behavior. This can be applied beneficially in areas of employment like war, court, and money collection agencies, where harshness makes one good on the job. Jaimini even says that malefics in the 3rd and 6th will make one good at military service. The 3rd and 6th houses are houses of Parakrama (energy/war/destruction), malefics here will make a person strong and fighting, while benefics will make a person passive. An exalted benefic in the 3rd or 6 th from AL is said to make a person very spiritual [1] (this will be explained under AL6). The AL3 has many other special features.

The Arudha Lagna shows your image, what makes your image, and what supports or destroys it. In western psychology there are studies on a person’s birth order and its effect on their psychology, this relates to the AL3. How you act, project yourself, what roles you take on in your life are related to the AL3 which also influences siblings. The AL3 relates the siblings a person may have, and is relative to the birth order affecting one’s psychology. It can often give more accurate (and faster) results than the Drekkana (D-3) can give relative to number of siblings. The Parasara D-3 is good to see the nature of the siblings, but the number is better to see from the AL3 and the AL11.

Parasara says that “Rahu and Saturn in the 3rd/11 th form AL will destroy the coborn of the native (in the 11 th elder siblings and in the 3 rd younger siblings). If Venus is in the 3rd /11 th from the AL, there would have been an abortion to the mother earlier, same effect if Venus is in or aspects the 8 th from the Lagna or Arudha Lagna” (29-verse 31 and 32). These verses show the effect of malefic combinations in the AL3. Venus in this position relates to abortions, as it represents the shukra dhatu and unhealthy activity related to it. Parasara also says that, “Should the Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars be in the 3rd /11th from AL , there will be many valorous coborns. Should Saturn and Mars be in AL3 or AL11 or lends aspects there to younger/elder coborns will (respectively) be destroyed. If Saturn is alone in one of the said houses the native will be spared while a coborn will die [this can also be the co-born dying some time after birth]. Ketu in the AL3 or AL11 will give abundant happiness from one’s sisters” (29-verse 33 to 36). Parasara is going into specific details. When the sex of the grahas and their effect on children are well studied, a person will make very accurate results about coborn from the AL3 and AL11. Deeper study needs to be done relative to what western science has discovered about birth order and astrological combinations in the AL3, western science will soon “prove” many Jyotish principles.

The siblings of the spouse are seen from the 3rd and 11 th from the Upapada. The zodiacal or reverse reckoning of the 3rd and eleventh house for the sake of determining co­born depends on whether the Arudha lagna (or UL) is an odd or even sign respectively [2]. The counting of the 3rd and 11th house for other significations is always zodiacal.

The AL3 also has an important role in showing the circumstances of death. “I remember a famous quote ‘Cowards die many times but the brave taste of death but once’…so you will agree that the perception of death (mrityu) or near death (apa-mrityu) will vary from one chart to another. So even in death, perception and reality differ [3].” Jaimini says that “The 8th house and 8th from it (3rd ) from AL determine the period and nature of death” (3.3.5). The AL3 is very valuable to share the place and nature of death [4]. Jaimini says that if “the 3rd house (from Arudha Lagna) is a malefic sign, a bad/unnatural death occurs (3.3.3)”. Malefics or a malefic sign in the third house shows a nice place of death” (2.2.27) “Benefics or beneficial sign in the third house shows a nice place of death” (2.2.26) The sign shows the place of death while the planets conjoining or aspecting the AL3 will indicate the cause of death. Timing death is to be done with the method of three pairs, shoola dasa, shoola chakra, navatara, etc. The AL3 reveals the nature of that death, where you are and what it is that takes you out of this world.

Jaimini teaches that “Malefics conj/aspecting the 3rd house from the significator indicates a painful/horrible death” (2.2.12). “Benefics con/aspecting the 3rd house from significator indicate a painless/easy death” (2.2.13). “The Sun causes death due to the king (government), [Sun also shows firearms]. The Moon causes tuberculosis (or other chest complaints) as the cause of death [kapha disorders]. Mars indicates death from weapons (cuts/surgery), fire, wounds, burns, etc. Saturn shows flatulence, indigestion, and other Vata diseases as the cause of death. Saturn and Mandi indicate snakebite, poison, water and bondage as the cause of death. Ketu causes smallpox and other contagious diseases. Moon and Mandi indicate death by choking or food poisoning. Jupiter indicates vomiting and the inability to eat as the cause of death. Venus shows urinary and kidney problems and diabetes. Many planets indicate mixed results” (2.2.15-24) With this information, not only are we able to tell about the nature of death, but we are able to clarify doubts about the death of particular people. Who really killed JFK, what happened to a missing person that turns up dead, did Elvis die as they said? “ For how many years have we speculated whether the great Subhash Chandra Bose is actually dead? For how many years do we wonder on how Chaitanya Mahaprabhu left this world. He just walked into the idol of Jagannath!! Can you perceive or imagine this. Even in death, an event, perceptions differ. When someone dies, most lament, some enemies delight, and most don’t care. The reality is the same for all yet the perception is different. This is not an easy topic and most people avoid it. But it is worth thinking as no one can give a perfect answer…after all who knows Satya or the perfect truth, what we all understand is half truths [5].” The AL3 will reveal enough information to know the circumstances of death.

Jaimini also mentions that “Jupiter or Venus in the third house (from AL ) indicate awareness (jnanapurvakam) of the period of death” (2.2.28). These benefics association with the 3rd house will give a person the ability to know about their death beforehand. Malefics do the opposite, so when you see malefics in this place, your chance of predicting the time of their death is quite small, as they are not meant to know.

The last point that Jaimini says is that “malefics 3rd and 6th from AL give similar results [raja yoga].” (1.3.31) “Mixed planets reduce the Rajayoga” (1.3.33). This will be discussed more under the AL6.

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4th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL4 is a creating (rajasic) house with the natural karaka of the Moon. Where the AL worked for its own image, the AL4 is working more after the family or community of the person.

Trines are the most important from the lagna and the Sun, Quadrants are most important from the Moon and the Arudha Lagna. The strongest planet in a quadrant will have a large influence on how a person is perceived in the world[1]. One can examine the planets conjunct the AL as well as planets in quadrants to it to see what people are known most for. Jaimini says that “Venus and Moon, either jointly or independently, aspecting or conjoining the first or fourth house give various luxuries and paraphernalia generally attendant upon royalty” (1.3.45). A digbala planet well placed will give abundantly of its significations.

Digbala from the lagna will show which direction the intelligence is being applied and will give great strength in that direction. The aspects on a house will give opportunity for the fulfillment of that same end (rasi drishti), using Narayan dasa the person will go towards that direction. Digbala from AL determines which planets have the power to transport the mind. The digbalas from the AL show which direction you can travel for various purposes. Venus represents the South East direction, the physical direction comes from the direction your mind wants you to go. There was an Indian with Venus in the 4th from the AL, he wanted to go to America , but instead went South East to Malaysia . If a planet is in digbala from the AL it can take you in that direction during that dasa.


5th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL5 is a sattvic (sustaining) house. It again has the same karaka as the previous sattvic house, but comes to be the secondary sustenance. It shows the achievements and recognition that one gets for their learning and skills. One who is known to be a good craftsman will gain more sustenance than one who is not known as a good craftsman. This can also be compared with the AL of the D10 and D24 for insight into respective areas.

Jaimini says that “If Jupiter, Venus or Moon are present in the fifth house [from Arudha lagna or Paka Arudha Saptama] political/governmental authority is obtained or the native becomes a government emissary.” This government position is relative to the sustenance of raja yogas held in the chart, and the type of authority will relate to other combinations as this shows the sustenance of the persons government career. After researching this combination, I have not found it to be very clear cut. As I looked at many charts I did not see that many major government officials having benefics planets in AL5 (or 5th from Paka Arudha Saptama). Maybe this shows our bad leadership in this present age, or maybe there is something more to the rule. The point to note from this rule is that benefics here will make a person more of a leader and good in leadership roles (positions of authority). This is opposed to malefics in the 6th making one good at military service, which many modern day politicians seem to have.

Narasimha Rao used the 5th house to differentiate 4 points of perceptible reference: “The influences on the 5th from lagna show if the person is intelligent and capable. The influences on the 5th from arudha lagna show if the person is perceived by the world to be intelligent. The influences on A5 show if the person materially achieves things that are supposed to come from intelligence (e.g. awards, prizes, special recognition etc). The influences of planetary arudhas (instead of planets) on the 5th from lagna show what the person himself thinks of his intelligence [2].” In the example, we have Albert Einstein‘s chart, he has a dimanta yoga with 1st , 3rd , 4th and 5th lord conjunct as well as exalted 6th lord, and a neecha banga Mercury, this shows he was intelligent. Einstein’s AL5 has and Exalted Mars and Rahu, which shows people’s awe at the might of his intelligence. It is said that if the 5th from AL is weak, perceived abilities are poor. People think the person is not intelligent [3], but if it is exalted people will praise their intelligence. His A5 (recognition/achievements) is opposite Jupiter with Uccha Mars having rasi drishti, the lord of A5 is the Sun which is digbala, conjunct an uccha graha and neecha banga graha, this shows his recognition for his creative intelligence.

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6th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL6 is another tamasic house with tamasic karakas. It is a dangerously destructive house, rajasic planets lose their want to create. The sattvic planets are weak here and the tamasic planets have a similar effect as in the third house, though here they are much more active. Malefics here will give a person a very warring nature. Jaimini says, “if malefics are in the 3rd and 6th houses [from AL], the native joins the armed forces” (1.3.36). Malefics in these placements will give a person a harsh tone in their voice and they will often be perceived as aggressive.

From the lagna, subha planets like Jupiter, Ketu, Venus, Mercury and Moon indicate one who shall be freed from the troubles of the sixth house by the deity indicated by the planet. Disease and enemies (Agantuka drista) will be alleviated by propitiation to those planets. In the 6 th house from Arudha Lagna, benefics or a strong benefic lord can torment the native with enemies [1]. Hitler (chart on left) had Jupiter as both lord of 6th from lagna and 6 th from AL, but 6th from AL had three subha planets. Hitler was ready to take on big adversaries but they ended up being too big for him. “Chandra kala nadi says that for Libra lagna native, the great blessing is the strength of exalted Jupiter as the enemies will flee like elephants running from a battlefield. Now, if Libra is the Arudha Lagna, then the exactly opposite situation would arise if the sixth lord were exalted. This may seem easy to understand, but in application, this is the key to Raj-jyotish [2].” Hitler has Moon 6th from AL , Moon a sattvic planet in a tamasic placement. Sattvic planets are not good in Tamasic positions. They make a persons spirituality come not by the person’s own desire.

A natural malefic in the AL6 gives very good results in the material word, but not for spirituality. The 3rd and 6th from the AL indicate our ambitions and what we do and or use to get what we want. That is why malefics are good for material prosperity. “If a natural malefic is placed alone in the sixth house from AL , there shall be yoga during its period resulting in growth of lands, good crops and agriculture, physical prowess and success in battles. However, Parasara adds that the nature will receive illegal gratification like black money etc [3].” This is a very important note to make. If someone has been charged with accepting black money, look at the AL6 and see if there are any malefics placed there, this will indicate whether they make money from underhanded situations or not. In the example below, there are two charts of business partners; the business failed and there were accusations of fraud. Look at sixth from AL , can you determine which partner is the one to have likely done some type of fraudulent activity.

“Natural benefics placed in the third and sixth houses do not make a person cowardly, but produce belief in ahimsa (i.e. the path of non-violence) and give rise to spiritualism and saints [4].” Venus and Mercury do best in quadrants from AL as it gives them the full room to create, and their worst placement for creation is in the 3rd and 6th . The rajasic planets in these houses will make the person a renunciate, as well as other benefics if they are strong, this is a type of pravraja yoga(combination for renunciation). Swami Vivikananda (chart on left) had Venus and Mercury in the 6th house, he was a perfect Sanyas. To note, he also had Sun in AL5 which made him known for his perception intelligence, Vedanta and gave him the leadership image to start the Ramakrishna mission. Srila Prabhupada had Mercury and Venus in the AL6 and Mercury was exalted, this gave him a very high level of sanyas. This combination falls in the 10th house from the lagna which shows he attains fame through his renunciation. This combination falls into Capricorn for Vivikananda so it shows his devotion to Kali (Saturn). Prabhupada had his Pravraja Yoga in Virgo so his devotion was to Krsna (Mercury). Ramana Maharishi has Ve and Me 12th from AL , which is also a tamasic house, but it is a house of giving up, as opposed to the six which gives a disliking. The 6th house has a natural connection with celibacy as it is the 12th from the 7th. Ramana Maharishi was not inclined to make his students take sanyas, he let them follow their own path and let renunciation happen if it was the body’s destiny. As he himself didn’t take formal renunciation. He “awoke” at the age of 16, wandered away to the mountain of whose name was reverberating in his mind, throw his belonging away (was given a haircut by a barber who noticed his mood of renunciation), then it is said to have lightly showered down (as if the rain gave him a ritual cleansing/blessing). Then he entered into many years of deep Samadhi. He said he was a sanyas because that was his body’s destiny.

What happens when both benefics and malefics occupy the AL6? The person is pulled between both spirituality and other pursuits. The malefics while deny the pravraja yoga, but will help one win over enemies as the tamasic nature of the house will support the tamasic planets.

Mercury in the 3 rd and 6 th can give good results if the karma phala is renounced, Vivikananda renounced karma phala and then he achieved great success. Sometimes you will see people with Mercury in these placements but they still do no renounce, this is often because Mercury is in a rajasic naksatra which does not allow the mind to renounce.

7th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL7 is a creative house, the house opposite the Arudha Lagna. This is the dwara of the Arudha, the door the image must go through. Malefics here can block the door of the Arudha. A planet placed here will show what one has to go through to have the Arudha rise, to get known, that which we go through on the way to our rise. It also shows how we relate to the public (karaka Venus).

The 7th house is the 10th from the 10th house so it effects business relations, it is also the 4th house from the fourth and has a major influence on happiness, the quadrants are interrelated in this way, business will effect relationship and relationship effects business. Relationship effects happiness and happiness effects relationship. The strongest planet in quadrants to the AL will have a heavy influence on the image in this way as the quadrants are all affecting each other.
Malefics in this placement can give a bad name (make the person known for negative reasons) or create obstacles to the Arudha. This is often overcome by worshipping the Kali shakti associated with the malefic planet. Jupiter and Moon here will have the same effect as if in the AL , they will make a person famous even after they die.

In the example chart, George W. Bush Jr. has Rahu opposite his Arudha Lagna, in his rise to power, there was a lot of focus on his earlier lifestyle (drinking and partying, etc), this even was more talked about than his fundamentalism (Ketu with AL). In the Chart of George Bush, he has the lord of the AL7 placed 9 th from the Arudha Lagna. Positive placement of the AL7 lord will help one pass through that dwara of the 7 th house.

In the chart of Sanjay Rath, Gemini is the dwara, the door to go through, the door must open for success. The sign of the 7th from AL can be used to get success if the lord is well placed from the AL, that lord of AL7 will open the door if well placed and will help open the way for the Arudha. If it is negatively placed it will give obstacles for the Arudha. Sanjay has the 7th lord 9 th from AL , so success is indicated. The sign Gemini represents the USA as ‘sex is free’ and has no meaning, it is the only fully human sign, shows cities with modern amenities, it is the house of writing, culture, two faced politics, the forked tongue, and Guru is bhadakesh so there is problems from gurus. For this reason the USA is the sign Gemini, and as the lord of the AL7 it is the sign that will open the doorway for Sanjay’s Arudha.

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8th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL8 is a house of sustenance though its karaka is Saturn, the significator of longevity. Planets here will show how healthy a person is perceived, or how the life in you is perceived. Sattvic and rajasic planets will make one be perceived as healthy, while tamasics will let everyone know your bad habits. The AL8 also shows transformation, and how nicely or destructively that is done is shown by the planets placed here. Benefics in houses 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8 give excellent results. The only benefic that won’t give good results in this placement is the Moon, as it is the karaka of the Arudha Lagna, to be placed 8 th from it will not have good effect for the overall Arudha. The AL8 also shows whether people will give you a loan or not, as it shows how people perceive your financial position and whether people will take a risk with you.

Arnold Shwarzenegger has Jupiter 8 th from the AL , he is perceived as someone who has a high level of health. It is less known about his steroid use, drinking and smoking, as the Arudha for health is vibrant.

Sandra Ray, the famous teacher of rebirthing (holotropic breathwork), is famous for her writings on achieving physical immortality. She has Saturn and Jupiter in the eighth house from the Arudha Lagna. Saturn and Jupiter together are called Brahma yoga, it is a combination for trying to understand the nature of creation. She has it conjunct her A9 and A3, so her teachers are working on this or have mastered this (one of her gurus is Hairakhan Babaji) and she writes books (A3) on the topic.



9th house from Arudha Lagna

The AL9 is a tamasic (destructive) house though its karaka is the benefic Jupiter, in this way it is very different than the other tamasic houses which have tamasic karakas. The destruction and changes that take place are usually for the better. For example, a person quitting one job to take another better paying job. Any planet in the 9 th from AL will give support, though malefics like Mars, Saturn, and Rahu will do so through negative means. Upagrahas (Dhooma, vyatipat, parivesa, Indrachapa, Upaketu) are good in 9 th from AL [1].

Parasara says that “The yogas so far stated by me with reference to the Arudha Lagna be similarly evaluated from karakamsa as well” (29.29). The 9 th from Arudha lagna and the 9 th from the Karakamsa (Atmakaraka in the navamsa) need to be studied deeply. The 9 th from the Karakamsa (KK) shows the dharma devatta relationship and the 9 th from Arudha Lagna shows how the dharma devatta manifests in your life. Worship of the dharma devatta helps one to do well in this life, to achieve one’s goals in the material world. The concept of the dharma devatta should be better understood.

Astrologically, the root of the Dharma devatta is in the 9th from the karakamsa which shows the planetary form to be worshipped. The 9th and 12th houses from the karakamsa are worshiped as Visnu. The 1st and 5th from karakamsa are worshipped as Shiva (dhi/intelligence). Shiva is worshipped in the form of the KK for atma rectification (to remove sins attached to the atma).

The Karakamsa shows the sins of this birth, while the Atmakaraka planet shows the sins of the last birth. The Jyotir Linga which exalts the Atmakaraka planet is used to worship the karakamsa as Shiva, (in the same way as Shiva is worshipped in the form of the Lagna Rasi to remove afflictions of the body). For example, if a native has Atmakaraka as Rahu in Cancer, the sign is ruled by the Moon, so worship of Somaneshwar [2], which is the exaltation of the Moon will help if issues relative to the atma arise. If one doesn’t purify the sins of this birth then the Karakamsa lord will be the Atmakaraka in the next birth. The dharma devatta as Visnu is used to improve the circumstances of this life, as Visnu is the sustainer.

The Dharma devatta is the deity/archetype that helps one achieve the ideals and objectives that the soul wishes to attain in this life [3]. The Dharma devatta is seen from the 9 th from the karakamsa, the relationship between the tattva (element) of the karakamsa and the tattva of the dharma devatta will reveal the relationship between them. Tattva doshas cause bad sambandha and this bad sambandha is a result of a lack of akash tattva, this happens between Agni (fire) and Jala (water) as well as Prthvi (earth) and Vayu (air). These tattvas do not combine well together and can cause a negative sambandha which is experienced as bad relationships from the level of the atma. JFK has Mercury as his Atmakaraka which is in Sagittarius in the Navamsa, a prithvi (earth) planet in a Agni (fire) sign is good at the level of tattvas. Ninth from his Karakamsa is Saturn and Venus, Venus being stronger signifies the dharma devatta. Venus is Jala (water) which is not agreeable to his karakamsa sign (or the sign it is placed in). He will rise because of the dharma devatta (Venus/women) but it will also cause his fall.

The 9th from the Arudha Lagna will show the manifestation of the dharma devatta in a person’s life. The dasa of the AL9 will be a period of bhagya, which will be good (unless afflicted). Worshipping the dharma devatta during this time is very important and the results of the mantras relative to the dharma devatta will manifest quickly.

Parasara says that “The yogas so far stated by me with reference to the Arudha Lagna be similarly evaluated from karakamsa as well” (29.29). The results given for the AL will also apply to the karakamsa; this is interpreted to mean a planet ninth from the KK must be propitiated for the AL9 to do well, (the dharma devatta must be pleased for the dharma to fructify well in life). The 9 th from KK shows the dharma devatta and 9th house from the Arudha Lagna shows what the dharma devatta wants you to do in this life.

The number of aksharas (letters) for the correct mantra to the Dharma devatta is based on where the planet is placed from the Rasi Lagna. When a mantra is done for planets in trines or 12th to Karakamsa, the results will manifest in this world based upon (1) the atmabala (strength of the soul) and (2) the placement of those planets. It is considered auspicious to carry a symbol of the dharma devatta, for example Jupiter is karaka for mala beads (rosaries), so someone with Jupiter as dharma devatta will have more Bhagya (luck) if they carry a mala.

The placement from the Arudha Lagna will show how the dharma devatta will protect the native. Lincoln had Mercury and Sun in lagna and 9th from his Arudha Lagna, when he grew a beard (connected to Mercury) he soon became President. The beard protected his dharma and allowed it to fructify.

The dharma devatta acts through the AL9. JFK had Saturn in Cancer in the AL9 so this is what his dharma devatta manifested through. JFK joined politics after being a reporter at the United Nations conference in 1945. He joined as a Democrat (Saturn) and as Congressman voted for Truman’s welfare programs, including expanded social security benefits, aid to veterans, and old-age benefits (famous for all Saturnian projects). As president he worked on civil rights legislation, established the Peace Corps and left us with the slogan “Ask not what your country can do for you -ask what you can do for your country.” The Sun, king, gives to the country, while Saturn the worker gives to the government. Saturn opposes Mars (war) and the Peace Corps was and establishment of Kennedy’s dharma devatta through Saturn in Cancer.

In the chart of Mohandas Gandhi (October 2, 1869 7:11:48), the AL9 is Pisces. Jupiter is the karakamsa, so the sign the dharma devatta manifests through is ruled by the AK which makes it very strong. Satya graha is directly related to Jupiter. Gandhi was also known for not approving of cast restrictions which is related to the open minded aspect of Pisces. The dharma devatta acted through the 9 th house from the Arudha Lagna. The 9 th house from the karakamsa is Leo which is lorded by the Sun, to worship with the 9 th from the KK as the dharma devatta he needs a Sun form of Visnu which is Rama. “Rama” was the main mantra Gandhi chanted. This strengthened and supported his abilities to achieve his goals of an independent India . JFK had Venus and Saturn 9 th from the karakamsa in Leo. Venus is a higher degree and indicates the dharma devatta. Therefore the devi is important, as well as all women and the treatment of them is very important for the achievement of his goals.

The example native, named Mark [4], was not only having a difficult financial period but was unable to keep the prosperity he created when it would happen. For example, he had started a construction business that initially was very successful but then fell apart. He has Libra in the AL9, and its lord Venus is placed 12th from the Arudha Lagna with a neecha Guru, retrograde (so it won’t listen to anyone) and in Capricorn picking up some of the effects of Saturn. The planet in the 9th from AL will be a blessing no matter who it is, people indicated by the karatattva (significations) of the planet will effect his luck, success, and world image. Venus represents women, and when he left his partner his business also collapsed. He later changed his mind about his partner but she would not forgive him and has not re-entered the marriage. Looking at his navamsa, Rahu is the KK and ninth from it is the Moon. The Dharma devatta is a Visnu form of the Moon which is Krsna (and placed in his 7th house in rasi). The native was advised to worship Krsna with “Aum Kleem Krsnaya Svaha” which is a 7 syllable mantra (mantra syllables relate to the rasi). As it is the dharma devatta he was advised to attend Sunday feasts at the local temple regularly (the dharma devatta is connected to temples/ 9 th house). His work has steadily improved since he began this remedy.

Remedies (especially those involving puja) will prove more effective when they are related to 1st , 5th , 9th or 12th from the karakamsa as these are the houses of worship. The first house (as mentioned above) relates to purification of sins, the 5th relates to attainment of jnana, the 9th relates to the dharma devatta (achieving your goals in this life), and the 12th relates to moksa (spiritual attainment in this life). The 9th house from KK is important for the AL9 just as the 5th house from KK is important if you want the 5th from AL to be well off.

In the dasa of a planet, look at its placement from the Arudha Lagna then look at it in relation to the karakamsa. For example, in this chart the native [5] is running Moon Mahadasa, the Moon is 8th from the AL . When looking 8th from the karakamsa we see that Mars is placed in Sagittarius. Mars is the lord of the 12th house from karakamsa, therefore it is the Ishta devatta. Since it is connected to a house of worship (1, 5, 9, 12 from KK) then puja will help rectify the dasa. Worship of the Ishta devatta for this chart will help the Moon dasa give good results.

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