Technical Illustrations:

Style I am looking for:


but needs to be technical like this sphere


It can have an artistic look like this drawing











And it needs to have an edge of feeling older to it as it will be in a leather bound book.




Present designs needing to be illustrated:

01 Test Image:



this is a top looking down view similar to :

the wavy line is a sine wave that needs to be curved along the earth’s orbit:




It is a side view like this:

Image 02: (her the days are equivalent to degrees in a circle and the distant of the curve above the line is about 10 degrees)


other images to clarify the above drawing:

moon weaving between earth and sun

This is just an example to clarify image #1- this is someone else’s image of the Moon’s weaving between the Sun and Earth. I want a close up of this to indicate the length of time this weaving takes. (this is not to be drawn- just an clarification example).


This is just to clarify image 2 compared to 1. This is image 1 and image 2 graphed out together in 3d. The image is wrong in that it makes it look like a spiral instead of moving like a snake. Image 1 (synodic) is the Moon’s in and out of the earth’s orbit and image 2 (draconic) is the Moon’s up and down (or above and below) the earth’s orbit.






here is a link for the symbol of the nodes:

Image 03:


All these are part of a set:





Image 08: This one was made for me but it will need to match the others in style

01 lunarphases asc 3



Image 09: This was made for me and I will need it to match the others in style


00 Tithe1sketch5sm


Image 10:


tth sm

Image 11: This will be a small image, so needs only minor detail

Moon tri-devi Greek

Image 12: a bigger image

star dial

Image 13:

yugmaka 3



I have changed the order some based on importance of what needs to get complete.





Image 04:




Image 06:


Image 07: