I have a few pieces of Andean opal set with rose quartz, relatively inexpensive stones that look so elegant together. The opal is known to intensify the emotional body, sometimes this can be too intense. Rose quartz helps soothe and open the heart, and allows the heart energy to circulate in the energy bodies as well as open one to unconditional love. The rose quartz helps to soothe and balance the opal’s energies so they stay on the most positive side and the Andean opal helps to empower the rose quartz and step up the power of its effects.

Labradorite is a powerful meditation stone that works with the kundalini as can be seen by its colors (often working more with the chakras of which it is colored). Black star helps work on our shadow side/ dark side/ subconscious self. It helps to bring these energies into the light, and allows us to use our darker side for the highest good. When these stones are set together they help invoke deep meditation and/ or transformative work on ourselves. Sometimes I add rainbow moonstone into this combination to Lighten things up, bringing in solar and lunar vibrations that help this work stay on the light side but which can sometimes intensify the inner work as well.

Sunstone, Black Star, & Labradorite
Black Star Spider (with Moonstone)

This piece works with the 2nd chakra. The bottom stone is aquamarine which works on balancing the water element (ruled by the 2nd chakra). The top stone is orange tourmaline which works on the circulation of sexual energy, it clears out negative views held toward sexuality and helps to use sexual energy in spiritual ways.


Black tourmaline activates the root chakra and is very grounding, it clears negativity from the being. Kyanite is a stone that never picks up negative energy, it never needs to be cleared. Wearing kyanite helps protect the being from picking up negativity in one’s environment. It has a slight spinning energy on the solar plexus chakra. Together black tourmaline and kyanite clear negativity from the energy body and keep it clear and grounded.


Andean Opal and Rainbow Moonstone
Scapolite and
Green Garnet

Sugilite and Black Star
Blue Tourmaline and