My focus on jewelry and crystals all revolves around their metaphysical use and healing properties. I use both traditional Vedic methods of gemstone diagnosis as well as New Age stones and their properties. Many stones in use in the metaphysical world today were not discovered or available in the locality of the ancient Indian Rishis (Seers) who created the traditional system. Many stone were also not active at that time in the Earth’s evolution.

Most of the stones in the jewelry is handpicked by me and made in India or Bali. When there is more than one stone set in a piece, they are combined for the combination of energies they work with.
(medicine jewelry)

I believe there is a deva energy to each stone, a crystal spirit, or personality. I work with stones as personalities. For example, moldavite is a stone that has spacey energy, it will pick you up and space you out. Almost anyone can feel it, I give it to people at shows who have never tapped into crystal energy and I say hold this and shut your eyes, pay attention to how you feel. Often they say they are light, or spacious. This is because moldavite is tektite glass that was formed when a meteor hit the earth. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ll hand a person a piece of black tourmaline and have them get in touch with it. When I ask how they feel they will often tell me they feel heavy, or weighted down to the earth. This is because black tourmaline activates the root chakra and will ground a person to the earth, it will also clear negative energy by activating apana vayu and allow a person to release, which happens naturally when we are grounded and calm.

Laying on of stones. The beginning of my relationship with stones began when I entered my Sun Mahadasha (see astrology section if interested). My Sun is in Chitra, which rules gemstones, and it took me by the hand. I had traveled that summer with a woman named Isabell who would lay her crystals out on the dashboard when we were going about. So I ended up picking up a few, and slowly getting more and more. Then I did a crystal healing workshop where we learned how to lay on stones to clear each of the 7 chakras. When my partner in the
workshop had put the last stone on I felt a rush of energy, I felt as if I was
three feet off the ground, I was flushed clear. Not all people have that intense
of a reaction the first time but it all depends on your energy system. After that
I was in love, constantly exploring new stones, doing workshops to teach other
people about them, and working with the stones on many different levels.

Next I learned Vedic Astrology and how they used stones to remedy karmic troubles in one’s life. My first personal experience with this system was when I was in Rishikesh and a palmist told me I needed a ruby by looking at my Sun mound on my hand, (this matched the shadbala for the Sun in my chart). He said I’d notice the effects 45 days after I put the stone on, that there would be a change in my image. So on my birthday I received a ruby, cleansed it in the Ganges and put it on. About 45 days later I was in Pune, India at the International Academy of Ayurveda. I was doing an internship in an Ayurvedic clinic and the doctor introduced me as Dr. Freedom from America. I was in patched pants and a T-shirt, and these patients were in good pants and collared shirts, and I was being introduced as an Ayurvedic doctor from America. So I ran out and had some nice pants made and bought a few collared shirts, the new image. So the synchronicity was incredible but the palmist was correct. Since then I’ve also seen many incredible changes taking place using this system. These days I do both modern crystal healing work and ancient Vedic gemstone diagnosis.For a few years I imported and sold gemstones, which are now available through Moonjata.I was able to see people’s charts and watch what stones they were naturally attracted to.This allowed me to study the stones and crystals and try to understand
how to use all these new modern stones, which were unavailable to ancient rishis
with a Vedic approach. Most recently I have been studying Vedic Astrology intensely
in India with the Sri Jaganath Center. This has increased the depth of my understanding tremendously.