Dhavantatam dvadasamam
Trayodasamam eva ca
Apayayat suran anyan
Mohinya mohayan striya

In the twelfth incarnation, the Lord appeared
as Dhanvantari, and in the thirteenth He
allured the atheists by the charming beauty of a
women and gave nectar to the demigods to drink

Canto 1, chap. 3, text 17


Protect Ancient Herbal Medicine


From the Rasashala in Pune, India

Dhanvantari is a male god
The God of Ayurveda
(a form of Vishnu the preserver)
Ayurveda- the knowledge, the science, is Her,
Vidya, the Goddess
The knowledge is female & the cognizer is male
The union of Shiva and Shakti is the healing science in action
The healer holding the knowledge
The knowledge coming through the healer

Dhanvantari does nothing, he is just present, creates the space,
it is Vidya that does everything-
She works through Him.

Be empty, remember to not be the doer,
to have it done through you.
Be as the Lord, silent, serene, still,
the core of our being.
She will do everything as she already does,
its just the mind that needs to surrender.






From one of the Ayurvedic Universities in Pune