Vedic Astrology Classes: Science of Light Course  

2011 Level I Class
Date (Nevada City)
April 6 (Wednesday) Introduction
April 7 Ch 1 Introduction to Vedic Astrology

April 21

Ch 2 Vedic Foundations
May 5 Ch 3 & 4 Planets and Deities
May 19 Ch 5 Signs
June 2 Ch 6 Houses
June 9 Ch 7 Strength & Status
June 16 Review
June 23 Ch 15 Panchanga
July 7 Ch 8 & 9 Bhavapadas & Argala
July 21 Ch 10 Conjunctions and Combinations
July 24 (Sunday) Ch 11 & 12 Naksatras/Stars & Timing
August 4 Ch 13 Divisional Charts
August 18 Ch 14 Introduction to Remedies
September 1 Ch 16 Interpretation
September 8 Practicum
September 15 Practicum

Level I Class: The first class is an introduction to Freedom and the Acyutananda tradition. It is held on
Wednesday and is open for anyone to attend.

Classes will then continue every other Thursday except for the month of June (which has class
every Thursday). Classes start promptly at 5PM and last till approximately 10:30 with a small
tea/snack break around 7:00.

Classmates will form groups and meet for study and homework on the Thursdays when there is
no class.

There is one weekend class on July 24th which lasts from 9AM till 6PM (9-1 and 2-6 with a
potluck lunch).

The goal of this course is for students able to read a chart. September 8th and 15th are
practicum and students will present readings they have done and share their experiences with
the class.

This course follows chapter by chapter through “Science of Light” and students are encouraged
to obtain a copy beforehand and begin reading. This course requires reading, homework and
study and is a serious course for those who want to learn traditional Vedic Astrology.

Final Level I Project (to be completed for entry into Year Two)  
Pick a topic of study and gather 10 charts of people having the condition being
studied. Topics can be things such as diseases (uterine cancer, brain tumours, anorexia,
MS), or professions (plumbers, electricians, doctors), or situations (married a foreigner, works
overseas), or another specific topic of choice; the more specific the better. The more severe the
condition the easier it is to see in the chart, it will be difficult to see combinations for cold sores
but easy to see people who have died in a car accident. After collecting ten charts of people
having that condition, study the chart and see what combinations are shared (creating the
situation) and which are different (creating differences to situation and outcomes). For example,
every chart of depression has a weak Moon, but they only take medication if Rahu aspects.

1. State your topic (be as specific as possible).
2. List the factors you think will cause the condition (what you think you will look for in the chart,
the logic you begin with).
3. State what you find by looking at the charts.
4. Conclude by sharing how your results were the same or different from what you originally
thought and the core rules you have uncovered.

The goal of this assignment is to allow you to learn that the charts and your clients are your teachers. By following this format we are making a logical approach to uncovering the rules of astrology through observation. In this way, we have a structure for independent learning and research.

Level II Class: Nevada City 2011
Date (Sundays 9AM-6PM)
April 10 Ch 1 Creation
April 24 Ch 2 Time
May 8 Ch 3 Naisargika dasha
May 22 Ch 4 & 5 Gunas and the 5 Elements
May 29 Ch 6 Birth Circumstances
June 5 Ch 7 Ayurjyotisha
June 19th (&26th) Ch 8 Badhaka
July 3 Ch 9 Special Lagnas
July 17 Ch 10 Narayana Dasha
July 31 Ch 11 Yogas
August 14 Ch 12 Arudhas and relationship
Aug 28 (Amavasya) Ch 13 Curses
September 11 Ch 14 Remedial Measures

The Sri Jagannath Center is the non-profit which links us to students and teachers of the same tradition all over the world. Vyasa SJC is the California branch led by Freedom Cole. Visit the Vyasa SJC website for MP3s of various classes available for free download. For further study, other long distance courses from the tradtion are available at .  

Freedom Cole

See Freedom Cole Lecture on Healing at the 2009 Yoga Research Society Conference.

Freedom lives half the year in India and abroad, the other half in the USA teaching classes and workshops on Yoga and Jyotisha. He is also available for private instruction in Yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic diet and herbal consultations, and Vedic Astrology Readings.