Astro-Gemology with Semi-Precious Stones


Sun-Moon Moon
Sun-Mars Moon-Mars Mars
Sun-Mercury Moon-Merc Mars-Merc Mercury
Sun-Jupiter Moon-Jup Mars-Jup Merc-Jup Jupiter
Sun-Venus Moon-Venus Mars-Ven Merc-Ven Jup-Ven Venus
Sun-Saturn Moon-Sat Mars-Sat Merc-Sat Jup-Sat Ven-Sat Saturn
Sun-Rahu Moon-Rahu Mars-Rahu Merc-Rahu Jup-Rahu Ven-Rahu Sat-Rahu Rahu
Sun-Ketu Moon-Ketu Mars-Ketu Merc-Ketu Jup-Ketu Ven-Ketu Sat-Ketu Rahu-Ketu

Stones for Malefics


Rainbow Moonstone – generates high spiritual desire and knowledge. It is cooling for the Sun and is empowering to the Moon by helping it to hold a strong stable ground so the strength of the Sun can be channeled through. It aligns the Sun and the Moon, which aligns the mind and personality on the worldly level and on the spiritual level it aligns the mind and the soul. Like a new Moon it quiets the mind waves and allows our mind to be close to the soul Self.

Additional Information: Moonstone and Rainbow Moonstone are different stones with different energies. Moonstone has a dull reflection to it. It is used as a substitute for pearl and used to strengthen the Moon. Rainbow Moonstone has a blue fire reflection in it. This is what is used for the Sun Moon energy. The quality is based on the clarity and the blue fire of the piece.

Fire Agate– Because of how well these planets get along the rainbow of colors which is contained in the fire agate represents the energy and the light that can be channeled when the individual has these planets in a favorable house or conjunction. This is a stone that can increase energy.

The period of Sun-Mars is generally a time of reaching great spiritual heights, having much strength and power, and being able to envision a goal and immediately achieving it. There will be a stable fire within the being that will be pushing them from one side of the rainbow of colors to the other side, from the beginning to completion and back again to the beginning to start upon something new. The person will have abundant energy in general but especially in this dasa. Fire agate helps bring that energy out and removes obstacles to its manifestation.

Fire agate helps to bring out the energy of Mars-Sun, helping the wearer to reach great spiritual heights, manifest goals, and maintain a stable fire. It is a powerful stone for those doing intense tapas, or those needing the power to begin tapasya.

Golden Rutilated Quartzrite– the rutile is very much like the rays of the Sun projecting outward with great intensity sometimes this can be too intense, too hot, the clear nature of the quartz helps to cool this. The rays of rutile can also represent various rays of knowledge and different types of intelligence and intellect. The captured rays help to focus the individual on that which they are learning. It creates a direct path. In Vedic Astrology the conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is called Budhaditya Yoga, it is supposed to illumine the intellect when all significations are good.

The stone also helps to generate spiritual guidance or spiritual interests. As the sun is the center of the solar system, it is like the heart, the center of the body, or the atman, soul, center of our being. The rutilated quartz captures those rays of the heart and soul and allows it to be seen, allows it to be expressed. It is a good stone for expressing our soul intentions and sharing That.

Kunzite– Is a stone that helps to soften the intensity of the Sun. It helps to channel a deep relationship with spirit, one that comes from the heart. It also helps to generate a sort of royal air to the person increasing pride and also helping to increase the ascetics of a person. Its main purpose is to channel the strong spiritual essence of the Sun through the being and have it manifest through the heart. It is a powerful heart chakra stone.

High Quality Quartz– The quartz will help to magnify all of Jupiter’s benefic qualities. It will help raise the vibration of the Sun in the chart and bring the Sun’s vibration to a high spiritual level and thus helping the Sun and Jupiter to reflect their benefic spiritual purposes.

What does high quality mean? Very clear, strong clarity, preferably naturally terminated for this case.

Pointing downwards or upwards? Pointing down specifically because the energy will be drawn in through the base of the crystal down out through the point into the energy body and will continue to circulate.

Sun-Saturn, Sun-Rahu
Sunstone– This is a stone that resonates with much power. There is a high vibration of light contained within the stone. Both the Sun and Saturn and Rahu are all very powerful strong planets but these planets can tend to be malefic. They all need that high light vibration to induce their benefic qualities.
Sunstone is orange aventurine. It is iron in the stone that gives it its color that looks like the Sun. Saturn is considered to be the son of the Sun, yet they are enemies as the Sun represents life and vitality while Saturn represents death and dying. This is a stone that can bring harmony in the father-son relationship, and heal wounds caused by disharmony in this relationship. It can also help to bring a balanced viewpoint between the concepts of life and death; removing the want for death or the fear of death as their purpose is more clearly perceived.

Labradorite- strengthens both the spirituality of the Sun and Ketu, bringing out the more mystical aspects and focus on transcendence. The luminescence or shine which comes from the labradorite helps to channel each ray of light coming from the Sun, this is supposed to strengthen the individual giving him or her the courage to except any possibilities of the unknown which Ketu may bring. It helps to awaken one to the mystical possibilities of their spiritual practices and develop these experiences. It helps one to transcend old boundaries that seemed impossible. As the Sun-Ketu energy is a solar eclipse, labradorite is a powerful stone to use in rituals at the time of a solar eclipse caused by the South Node. It works with the Kundalini, the coiled serpent energy, and can give insight into the practices used to awaken it. It helps to perceive the inner world and is therefore powerful for meditation. It can help give the most spiritual benefit from a Sun-Ketu period, though may not be grounding enough unless it has a very dark back ground. The gray and clear varieties are much lighter and better for astral work.Labradorite is also called ‘peacock moonstone’.


Fire Opal– helps to balance the Moon and Mars, it helps because the Moon is so watery and Mars is full of fire, it adds the warmth of fire to the Moon and at the same time it allows Mars to express a more peaceful watery aspect. It helps to raise some of the violent energies that Mars can give the mind to higher vibrations creating a spiritual warrior.

Selenite– it helps to bring higher knowledge from the spiritual realm and manifest it through the beings intellect and it also helps to raise the watery emotional characteristics of the Moon into higher energy.

Aquamarine– It helps both planets to resonate at a similar vibration and by raising this vibration it draws the positive aspects out of each planet together.

faceted, cabochon and raw aquamarine


Blue Topaz– helps to strengthen both Jupiter and the Moon and helps to bring through the wisdom and the fortune which Jupiter brings when well aspected. It helps to draw that vibration into the Moon’s nature. It helps one to become aware and in touch with their inner wisdom. It creates this through the feelings and emotions one may experience.

Moon-Saturn, Moon-Rahu
Celestite– has a similar reflection as the Moon does on the earth plane and by bringing this presence and this stone closer to you, you are connecting and very much appeasing the Moon.

Note: Once Moonfire had recommended celestite to keep an individual in tune with the Moon, and to pacify the Moon. I asked about celestite in relation to a pearl, and I was told, “Yes, it is similar, pearls being from the ocean and being effected by the tides and those tides controlled by the cycles of the Moon creates a strong relationship between pearls and the Moon. There is a difference, think of the name Celestite, it is implying that it is of the celestial realm which gives it energy from the solar system, stars and planets. Pearl is held between Earth and Moon, where celestite is Moon and all the stars, which includes the Earth. It is more powerful for Saturn on the Moon but it could be different for each individual case and usually this can be decided by asking the individual which they are more drawn to, celestite or pearl.


Fire Opal– (see Moon-Mars for similarity of fire related effects.) Fire opal is beneficial to open the psychic abilities related to Moon and Ketu conjunctions and is very beneficial when Ketu is beneficial. It is a great stone for those working in the realm of psychology or that have a need to understand the human psyche.

Ketu-Moon can make people too sensitive (if the Moon is weak) and create distortions in the mind (if the Moon is afflicted). If an individual is suffering from a mental disorder based on a negative Ketu influence on the Moon then the fire opal is best to be avoided.


Bloodstone– is the merging of the colors which are associated with these planet. Mars and Mercury do not combine well, they are both very much their own planets with a strong energy that does not adapt when other planets are close. By wearing a stone in which these two different energies (colors) merge together without overpowering each other it helps the planets act in a more peaceful manner. (Mercury will act like the planets he is associated with, this doesn’t mean it will bring about a favorable energy nor create a good union between the planets.)

Jade– will help to cool the fiery energy of Mars and also it will help to channel Mar’s energy in a more
productive way while at the same time strengthening the creative nature of Venus.

Amber– it is the thick wet life substance of a tree, the life force, because of this it helps to bring the abundance that Jupiter brings. It helps one to connect with the divine in all things, the divine coming from this earth realm, coming from nature, it also helps promote the positive fire in Mars that hopes to manifest things and make things happen. It is a very balancing
stone for these two planets.

Mars-Saturn, Mars-Rahu
Crysophrase– one of the main things that cysophrase helps to do is make both Saturn and Rahu more consistent. Mars is more of an action oriented planet. Saturn tends to slow things down, prolong things, delay things
from happening and Rahu tends to speeds things up horribly fast or slow things down so they’re barely moving. Crysophrase helps to bring a balance to these energies. It helps to balance the power play that can happen between Saturn and Mars. It
is also a cooling stone that helps calm the mind. It can be said to promote moralistic behavior.

Black Coral
I’ve come across Some black coral and have been experimenting with using it for Mars and Saturn. It seems to have a very Bhairava energy to it. Good for protection from malefics and black magic. But in the same note it is a powerful black magic stone to wear for the magician or tantric.

Sugilite – in this case Sugilite works to bring the somewhat chaotic energy these planets invoke into balance. It works on equalizing both the positive and negative energies and helps the mind to be calm


Green Apatite – is a stone which is extremely opening to the heart. It helps open the connection with the divine and focus the mind on the higher purpose. It helps invoke that search for Truth through questioning. It also helps to increase devotion to one’s path. It helps in the expression of what one feels in the heart.

Crysacolla – is a very wise stone, wisdom teacher. It organizes deeper knowledge and expresses deeper knowledge. It allows one to speak their wisdom in a coherent way. Crysacolla is a stone which helps to strengthen all it comes in contact with.

Green Tourmaline – Mercury conjunct with Saturn can often be extremely overpowered, when you hold green tourmaline up to the light the reflection of green comes through, this is somewhat symbolic for this combination of planets.In this combination dark green tourmaline is used. Lighter green tourmaline can be used to strengthen Mercury energy in general.


Malachite – is a stone for the emotions and mind of an individual. It helps to strengthen the discernment that is the nature of Mercury and it does this well in times when things are not so wonderful. Rahu often bringing chaos into whichever house of the chart it happens. Malachite helps to really strengthen the individual’s mind, their intellect, to better deal with any problems that may arise due to Rahu. It helps the mind to figure out ways to overcome the attachment to all that is happening to them, it also is a stone that helps to release emotions that may be tucked away somewhere in the being. This letting go helps in a small way to neutralize some of the effects of Rahu.

Flourite (yellow-green) – yellow to bring the higher energies of Ketu, green for Mercury helps foster the intelligence. It also helps the user to become aware and work deeper with their psychic intelligence and with developing those abilities.

What about purple?
The darker colors can also help to channel this mystical energy but sometimes it tends to be a darker aspect of it.Flourite itself is a stone connected to Ketu energies. The yellow-green is most beneficial for the Mercury-Ketu combination. The green fluorite is one of the best memory enhancing stones. The Purple is good for visionary, magic and tantric work. The light blue is good for channeling and telepathic communication.



Additional Information:
Why is black and green tourmaline associated with Mercury but raspberry (rubalite) associated with Venus? Raspberry tourmaline has different energy than the darker colored tourmalines. The darker tourmalines are more grounding and work within the realm of the physical body, often helping the functions of the mind, communication between the intellect and the body. Where the raspberry tourmaline tends to work more on a spiritual level making the person who wears it feel lighter, more in tune with the higher messages from their true Self.Then what is going on with watermelon tourmaline? It is a bridge between these two levels. It can be used for someone who fluctuates between feeling extremely grounded to feeling so light that they may fly away.

Astrologically? It can help in some cases for people who have unbalanced charts. For example, for people who have a lot of air planets in air signs and more earth associated planets in earth signs.Once I had a chart of a woman (her name was Ruby- Sun in the ascendant) who had all her planets in one part of the chart. They were in houses 3 to 12. But she was a Scorpio rising which makes them in signs 7 to 10. I asked how to balance this and was told to use watermelon tourmaline.


Yellow Kunzite– it helps to raise the Venus energy from one of sensuality and vanity to a higher plane creating great love for the divine, creating an artistic creative energy inspired by Spirit, it helps to strengthen the joy and abundance that can be brought on by Jupiter further inspiring trust in the divine.


Blue Kyanite – is a stone which helps to bring about that abundance of inner knowledge, the ancient knowledge that is within. It helps to appease the overly distracted nature of an afflicted Saturn. It helps to bring the being to a state of contentment that allows the type of mind setting which is best to channel this inner wisdom.

Kyanite is a stone that is known to not be able to hold a negative charge, in that it doesn’t need to be cleared for it never picks up negativity.  It is very good to not pick up negative energy from your environment, it keeps you clear and in your center. You are not expanding or contracting you are just being, it allows you to let go of things and stay clear.


Black Kyanite – works the same way as blue kyanite, and it helps to strengthen the positive aspects of Rahu and raises the spiritual potential of Rahu.

Why kyanite for Jupiter?
Kyanite is a fairly new stone but brings us this wisdom of the divine, it helps to clear the being of more negative outlook on life and allows there to be space where joy can be brought into the being.

Ametrine – Amethyst is a stone which helps to bring much energy from the realm of inner knowing and inner wisdom. It helps to express the psychic abilities, it helps to keep ones focus on the divine light. The citrine is a stone which helps attract wealth and it is also a stone that helps to clear away any lower energies. It is a very cleansing stone for Ketu which is the lower portion helping to cleanse and renew. With the amethyst it brings energy, which is cleansed and renewed through the being in a spiritual manner.

It is a stone that allows us to tap into the deep mystical wisdom inside ourselves. Ketu represents psychic abilities and powers, these can be activated by the amethyst. The citrine allows that energy to be used justly and with wisdom. It is also good for helping us understand the deeper mystical aspects of ourselves, and our life. It is a stone that is connected with the state of just ‘Knowing.’ A knowing that is often hard to put into words.

Additional Information:
In today’s market it is very hard to get a nice yellow sapphire that has not been treated. Techniques to make them yellow are so good with technology these days that treatment cannot even be detected in laboratories. There is a very powerful substitute, called golden beryl, of which the best quality is coming out of Tajikistan Russia. It is a beryl, which makes it in the same family as an emerald, sometimes I even call it a golden emerald. It is often sold under the trade name of Heliodor, (which is actually a blue/green/yellow form of beryl). It can be extremely deep and rich in color and very inexpensive compared to yellow sapphires. The best factor is that it is rarely treated to make it yellow.

heliodor natural


Blue Apatite – the main focus here is creating the love and devotion for ones path even if ones path is blue-appatitethat of solitude,even if Saturn is creating a very austere path for an individual. This stone will help the individual move within and not fight Saturn’s energy but surrender with love and devotion. It will also help to bring Venus’ more graceful beauty to Saturn’s sometimes harsh limiting manner.

Apatite is very connected to Venus, different colors of apatite can actually correlate to the different planets in combination with Venus.

Peridot – is useful in this planetary combination because it helps to strengthen the energy of the heart center allowing the one to take refuge deep within the heart when there may be turmoil or confusion happening in their external lives as well as the ups and downs in their mental well being.

Venus and Rahu together can cause one to be recklessly lusty, this stones helps one to stay centered within their heart.
Does it have any protective action?In some ways it does help to preserve the purity of Venus energy, or you could say stabilize the Venus energy, then it doesn’t fall in line with however Rahu is acting. It helps Venus to stand on more solid ground.

Rubalite – it harmonizes the creative and the spiritual, bringing both to their highest potential. It opens doorways to mystical information that was not currently available. It allows ones art (creativity) to have a transcendental quality, with which it can open us and evolve us spiritually by making it and have its results effect others in that same way. It brings out the best qualities
in both Venus and Ketu.It also can connect a woman to her grandmother, and the spiritual/mystical traditions passed down from that connection.

Additional Information:
I often have a booth at festivals with various gemstones. I learn large amounts by seeing who is attracted to which stones and who is affected by which gems. Sometimes, I have a person come by and pick up every single piece of Aquamarine I have even though they are spread out among other gemstones and hard for me to even locate all at once. Sometimes I even know what stones a person will be attracted to as soon as they come over to the table because of the energy they are carrying. Often looking at their birth chart can confirm many things.For example, I had a woman come to my booth and she said she loved garnet because of its color. I showed her a piece of Rubalite and she fell in love with it. Later, I looked at her chart and I saw that she was a Taurus ascendant (ruled by Venus) and that Venus was directly conjunct Ketu in the eleventh house.

Herkimer Diamonds
herkimer-facetedSubstitute stones for Venus are often white topaz and zircon, while these work, I would like to recommend a very powerful Venus stone. The Herkimer diamond is a type of quartz crystal which has the highest rarefraction of any type of quartz. When I had some pieces faceted once, the merchant complained that they were harder to polish than normal quartz. Most often I use them uncut, for they come in a crystalline structure that has a six faces on one end, six faces in the middle, and six faces on the other end. Numerologically Venus is associated with the number six. These crystals are already shaped like diamonds with the number of Venus inscribed into them. The AAA variety can be perfectly clear and expensive (for a crystal, though cheap in comparison to carbon diamonds). The good quality are only found in Herkimer county, New York.



Hematite – beneficial because it is a stone that helps to stabilize the being and it especially works with ailments of the head of the being. It helps to bring grounding energy towards the mind and mental state. Also because it is very grounding it helps appease Saturn and allows an individual to become grounded enough to have discipline and be disciplined. It brings the ability to follow a set routine.

Hematite is an iron oxide, the metal often connected to Saturn. It is very heavy, physically and energetically. It is common in India to use an iron ring made from the horseshoe of a black horse to wear on the middle finger to protect oneself from Saturn. In the western world it is easier to find a ring made of hematite, which can be worn on the middle finger for the same reason.

Azurite – helps Saturn’s concentration allowing the mind to be quiet and focused. It allows Ketu’s psychic/ spiritual nature to come out and be integrated in the individual spiritual life. The harmonious combination of these energies creates a high meditational atmosphere. It helps to reach samadhi states and to keep the mind in those states so they can progress to deeper and deeper levels.

It is a copper carbonate, carbon is often associated with Saturn (how we tell the age of things, and it also appears black in crystals), copper is the fastest conducting metal as Ketu is like electricity (Kundalini). Azurite helps control kundalini energy, as well as controlling ourselves to tap into that reservoir of psychic energy.



Blackstar – the dark color helps ground the individual and make them more solid in their state of being and the star is representative of the light, which helps to create a harmonious union between Rahu and Ketu. The light and the star also helps bring forth the positive energies present and helps to purify and cleanse the demon of its lower energies. It brings forth a sense of union, it helps to heal the aspects of Rahu and Ketu in the chart.

Rahu is a head and Ketu is the body. Once they were one being but that being ,named Svarbhanu, was decapitated by Lord Vishnu, which is a long story. The short version is that the moment a drop of nectar reached the mouth of Svarbhanu his head was cut off and so he became immortal with his head separate from his body. Most of the planets are considered devas (gods), but Rahu and Ketu are considered asuras (demons). The name Svarbhanu means the “light of heaven”, a pretty auspicious name for a demon. Blackstar is a black stone, which shows the darker nature, yet the light of the star is the light that comes from darkness, that perceives into darkness. It allows us to work on our shadow self or demon nature, and bring that part
out into the light so that it shines like the “light of heaven.”In a Rahu-Ketu dasa the mind and body can often do their own thing.
Blackstar (diopside) helps connect our mind and body, and makes us face our instinctual nature. It can be a very powerful stone when it is used to reunite the two poles of the demon nature by allowing Ketu (kundalini) to rise up to Rahu (the head), and return to unity consciousness.

Rahu and Ketu are considered shadow planets, they exist on the astral plane but are not visible on the physical. They aren’t seen but there effect is felt, they are often associated with infra-red and ultra-violet. We can’t see UV rays but they can still
burn us. We only physically see them when there is a lunar or solar eclipse. I explain it as the fact that we see the shadow of the earth when it goes over the Moon but yet it is always there, that shadow is always there and only perceptible to the physical eye when it meets a luminary.

 Additional Information:
A powerful flower essence to use with black star is Blackeyed Susan flower essence. It helps with difficulty penetrating into the dark, “shadow” aspects of the personality, and amplifies the effects of blackstar.

Stones for Malefics

I once asked what to use in two cases where Rahu was causing problems; one had Rahu in the eighth house, and the other had Rahu in debilitation, both cases were in their Rahu Mahadasha. I was told to use lepidolite for both situations:

Use lepidolite for each, Rahu in the eighth or fallen creates much turmoil in the mind, it helps to ease this turmoil and rise the individual out of that lower mind setting and elevate that person to a more peaceful state.

What’s the difference between Hessonite and Lepidolite?
Hessonite has a similar energy, it helps the individual to feel whole, to feel one with themselves where as Rahu being half an entity with Ketu the other half can make the person feel they are missing a piece. The concept of a gemstone for a malefic planet intrigued me and I began working on finding a stone for each planet when it was in a malefic situation. In Vedic astrology it is believed that when a planet is causing trouble there are situations where strengthening it will only increase the trouble it is causing. Therefore other remedial measures are prescribed and possibly benefic influences in the chart
could be strengthened with gems.

These stones work on tough placements because they work more on balancing and raising the vibration than on strengthening. They can be used alone or along with other planetary stones to empower their effects. As one works with these stones the intuition will often guide when they are to be used verse other gemstones. There is still a lot of room for intuition and expertise (we always need a good combination of the two). For example, when the Sun is too close to the Moon, do you use pyrite for the Sun, white or black pearl for the Moon, or maybe a moonstone. It depends on placement and aspects and rulerships.
We could also see what the experience of the native happens to be in order to determine which part of the energy we want to work with.

Pyrite – helps to bring out the more positive aspects of the Sun. It helps to raise the vibration from that of a malefic to a more balanced energy, helps the Sun to be in harmony with it’s position. It is also a stone that can be used when the Sun is combust (too close to another planet). It helps to tone down the overpowering effects of the Sun. 

Black Pearl – shields the Moon from the malefic energies which are surrounding it, thus making the Moon strong and supported. The majority of Moon afflictions are vata based (waning Moon or aspect of Saturn and Rahu) and for this the black pearl works wonders. 

Pearl in general should be avoided if there is an excess kapha condition, such as congestion and swelling. I was once working in an Ayurvedic clinic when a gentleman with swelling arthritis came in for herbal medicine. I noticed he had a pearl ring on his small finger. I asked him when he had gotten the ring and then asked him when the symptoms had started and they started just after he began wearing the ring. Any color of pearl has a tendency to increase kapha which is beneficial for vata dosha but not if kapha is already in excess. 

Jasper – mainly all these stones have the same effect on the planets. They are helping to heal the fallen planets, that is to strengthen their benefic qualities and raise their vibration to a higher level. 

Black Tourmaline – helps one to regain the ability to express their intelligence, it stimulates the mind, helps to better assimilate knowledge, it helps knowledge to flow forth through words and writing both.

Citrine – allows one to clear out negativity and allow abundance into their life. 

Danburite – helps one with a fallen Venus to channel their creative energy in a pure way. One with a fallen Venus tends to be or have more of a destructive energy than a creative energy. They can also seem to view any object or person which has a strong Venus energy as having a sexual connotation or viewed in a sexual way. Danburite helps to cleanse these images and turn the destructive energy into the creative. Danburite helps put this shift into motion and accelerate the speed in which it happens and it does this because it helps the person to channel their own higher self, and their desire and needs come from the higher self, it can be a very transformational stone.

Danburite Crystals

Danburite Crystals

Black Onyx – it works especially well to help keep an individual stay grounded within themselves regardless
of what is going on around them. It helps to awaken a person to the knowledge that their soul or their higher being is all that needs to remain intact for them to experience peace. It helps one to drop attachments and material things and allow things to both come and go with ease.

Lepidolite – has been used through the ages for depression. It is actually its lithium content that gives it its purple color. It helps ease the mental turmoil created by Rahu, rises them out of that lower mind setting and elevates them to a more
peaceful state.

Rainbow Obsidian – with a fallen Ketu in the chart, depending on its placement it can indicate that one has no ability to access their spiritual energy or to control its effects. The rainbow obsidian represents the seat of the kundalini and the colors of the rainbow are this dormant energy. The stone helps to awken this energy and raise it through the body. It helps to make one more well rounded on the spiritual realm because with a fallen Ketu one tends to develop a very narrow view of spirituality.

Additional Information:
If I asked the channel for a certain combination, many times it was “not seen”. I had to discover it on my own. The channel was a guide/guru who would never give too much so that I would learn to use and trust my own intuition. I was in Madya Pradesh, India, at a place called Omkareshwar. It is an island that is in the middle of the Narmada river, it is where they get the Shiva Lingam stones from. The little island has hundreds of temples on it, most to Shiva. One of my favorite temples had a huge Shiva Lingam about six feet tall. Once alone inside I hugged it, at that moment it told me it was for a malefic Saturn. I postulated with some friends who I was spending time on the island with about what type of stone this lingam was made of. We came to the conclusion that it was black onyx. I later confirmed this with the channel, and its relation to Saturn. I also asked about the shape and was told that the Shiva Lingam is also good for Saturn because of its connection to Shiva, the lord of ascetics.There was a case where a forty year old man who had Jupiter in the seventh house retrograde, this had been giving him trouble with being content with one woman. Some say you can always strengthen Jupiter because of its power as a benefic, but he was a Libra ascendant, which lessens Jupiter’s beneficence, and retrograde gives problems finding contentment in the house where he is situated. So I did not feel comfortable telling him to strengthen Jupiter even if other Indian Pundits had recommended him to do this. I went to the channel I had worked with and asked what he could wear?

I was told that I could consider Jupiter a malefic in this chart. When Jupiter is retrograde in transit much of its negative energies
are cancelled out for this person and therefore it is the most powerful time to use a stone to strengthen Jupiter. At other times (when Jupiter is direct) it would be wise for the person to just do some type of puja to Jupiter.



“For, remember, all of these planets, stars, universes, were made for the ENTITY and its associates to rule, and not to be ruled
by them, save as an individual entity gives itself to their influence.” (2830-2) -Edgar Cayce

This is a system of Astrological gem use that remedies conjunctions in the astrological chart. It is not traditional but is based on traditional concepts. I am a Vedic astrologer and have used these stones according to that system. In Jyotisha (Vedic astrology) there are many ways this system can be applied. A western astrologer can still use this system in terms of conjunctions and aspects as well as just to give a deeper understanding of the stone’s energies.

Coming Through
I used to dig crystals during my university days and started selling them. I started noticing that cetain people were drawn to certain types of stones. I soon was able to predict who was attracted to what stones. In late September of 1999, I was in Rishikesh, India, and had just come from Varanasi. I noticed the connection between Aquamarine and Moon-Venus conjunctions.

I had worked with a sattvic deep trance channel named Moonfire for some time.

I thought about my realization of the Aquamarine being Moon-Venus energy and Celestite being Saturn-Moon energy. Maybe there were more connections like this. So I wrote out a chart of all the planetary combinations. With intuition from years of crystal work and the help of Moonfire who would go into deep trance to reveal or confirm various stones, soon the chart was almost filled in. This was done during our travels of India; particularly through Rishikesh, Gangotri, Herakhan, Almora, and a few other Himalayan places, as well as some in central India. A few stones took their time revealing themselves and didn’t come till months later.

Using the Stones
There are a few different ways to use these stones astrologically. Each stone has a planetary energy. For example, Celestite has a Moon-Saturn energy.It can be used if there is a conjunction of the Moon and Saturn, or if Saturn is in Cancer, or if Saturn is aspecting the Moon, or if Saturn is transiting the Moon, and even for sadhi-sati in general, as well as a Saturn-Moon dasha. It can be used wherever there is a problem caused by these planets. I will not describe how to determine strengths and weaknesses of a chart because there are plenty of good books on the subject. I use the stones differently according to who I am working with. Those not interested much in stones or jewelry I may only recommend a simple stone, one that is most important. For those more into the healing power of gems I will design jewelry using a combination of stones for either planets or houses that need help. I also have people wear jewelry for the dasa they are in at the moment, depending on the chart. Many of these stones can be inexpensive others can have a large price range. There is a strong belief that stones need to be a certain quality or weight. I have not found this to make much difference. There is another belief that the stones need open backs and should touch the skin. I have found through my own experience that the stone is more effective when it touches the skin. I do believe that it can still work if not touching because it is within the aura and therefore its vibration is changing the vibration of the individual. For this same reason, the stones vibration, unchanged by weight is having its effect.

Besides having a father who was a collector of various minerals (my Sun is in Chitra), I began using stones to move energy when I was 19 and went into my Sun Mahadasha. I remember having a simple stone layout on my chakras for the first time, I felt like I was three feet off the ground, and a waterfall of energy poured through me. On my root chakra, all I had was a tiny little pebble of smoky quartz, and it was that powerful. From that point on I was initiated into the world of the ‘stone people’ or crystal energies.

Why could the experience of a stone’s energy be so powerful and other times not. I’ve found that the more a stone is needed the more powerful its effect will be. If  the individual has little need of the stone they will not even notice an effect unless their perception is very subtle. Other times the effects are drastic, bringing changes in a person, how they feel and how they relate to their environment. Various stones are also more drastic in their effect while some stones prefer to be subtle.

I’ve looked into the whole question of why weight has such an emphasis. Few astrologers were able to give me good reasons except that it was in the texts, of which all texts did not agree on the same weight. When we think of gemstones on a vibrational
level affecting our energy body it makes little sense. The concept of an open back has the foundation that it allows the sunlight to pass through the gemstone and enter the body, one that I agree has a powerful effect. To bring up another point, the use of gem elixirs. I wear kyanite regularly (almost every Saturday), and I rarely get much reaction energetically to it. I took a gem elixer of kyanite that I made in the full Moon and my stomach dropped, emotional blocks came up. Kyanite is a stone that has a lot of work to help me with. A drop of gem elixer where the stone was not even present had a more powerful and immediate effect than wearing the stone itself. So I don’t think we can say a smaller stone won’t have an effect. If we decide to believe this we are limiting ourselves and others.

Trust the stones to work their magic. The stone is first worn on the day of the planet being appeased. It should be cleansed on an energetic level as crystals and gems should be. A prayer should be done as well as the correct mantra, intent is important. If it’s a ring it should be worn on the finger of the weakest planet you are trying to appease or strengthen.

In Feng Shui, when a remedy is applied there are three things done to reinforce the solution and empower the intention. First, speech is used, a prayer or mantra. Second, the body is used, gestures or mudras. And next the mind is used, one is told to visualize what they want the solution to accomplish. These can be applied tostone remedies in Astrology, and mantras and mudras have been included for that purpose. Another important thing to consider is Muhurta, or timing. It should be an auspicious time that the stone is put on for the first time. The more expensive the piece and the more important the effect you want it to have the more important a good muhurta becomes. An astrologer can help you with finding the correct time for your intention to be magnified and become more powerful. There are certain times that can make a remedy much more effective if their application begins in that time.

A note on man made gems
They have the same chemical structure as the natural gemstone, and some will say therefore the same energetics. The Earth needed very specific conditions for a natural gemstone to be formed, my belief is that this is helped by planetary energies, and therefore happens at an appropriate time for the stone to have its character. We look at the birth chart of an individual to see who they are and look at their life cycles, their talents and faults. We can look at a chart of the day a couple is married and see how the marriage will work. We can look at the chart of a business or country and interpret its future potentials. The time something is born affects its potential, and is connected  with the intent of the energy being expressed through it. At the moment, man-made gemstones are not made for you to balance planetary energies or improve that state of your life, they are made to make money, the healing intention is not there. When these stones are made with the proper intention, when an export astrologer is used to pick the appropriate time of the year, when an invocation is done before the process begins, when planetary mantras and yantras are used while the gems are being made, then those gems will be powerful.

“The hampering of limitations is to some extent overcome by use of incantations, gems and herbs, and an unbroken current of ‘I’ is established. With the aid of that pure yoga, O Rama observe the creation manifested by one’s own will like hallucinations brought by a magician.” -Tripura Rahasya, Chapter XI, verses 70, 71

Questions Along the Way
How did the knowledge of the original nine stones come into the physical plane?
Much as you’re receiving this information now, it is the knowledge that comes from within.

Can this system be applied to transits as well as the natal chart?
Yes, it can be applied to both but has a greater affect on the natal chart.

Has this information been revealed before or just now, and why?
Now it is being revealed because the stones, there is a wider range of stones, Kyanite and Selenite are stones that recently have become activated because of the respect and energy placed in the healing of stones. Some stones that weren’t as potent have become more and more potent and because of the vibration of this time period stones are having more of an effect on people and the entire play of the universe.

What is the relation between using the stones for the chakra system verse this astrological system?
When working with the chakras use the chakra stone, the planets corrolation with the chakras is much more specific to each persons natal chart whereas the color-chakra corralation is a general knowledge, the stones specific to each chakra will have an effect regardless of planets. A combination of both can be quite powerful.

Does the size of this stone make a difference?
The stress on bigger stones, which weigh certain a amount is not necessary. The most important thing is that the person wears the stone with the intention that they are powerful and will help to balance and bring the planets into harmony.

Bigger stones aren’t better?
No, not unless you believe they are.

Then is there a real effect or is it just belief?
There is a vibration that is affecting the being and the planets but that vibration is not activated without the intention of the person. To see a Navratna with big beautiful stones and be in awe and look at them as more powerful than little stones, that automatically places more strength and power in the bigger stones.