Coaching Services

Freedom Tobias Cole is trained in communication coaching and integrates this with his background in Vedic Sciences. Coaching empowers individuals to look at core beliefs or ways of acting that may not be beneficial. It opens up ways of seeing that may not have been present or possible beforehand. It allows one to hear others and to be heard. The fundamental principle that Freedom’s coaching is based on is that through communication anything can be achieved.

Couples Counseling: for those in a relationship to open to new ways of relating. Divorce coaching helps those going through a separation. Mediation helps work through the tough places that come up when sharing a child after separation.

Mediation: Sometimes the contract was not well written (a failure in communication). How do we now negotiate the situation where everyone feels their responsibilities and needs are honored? Through communication coaching two people are able to get each other’s perspectives and then negotiate the situation where everyone can be friends afterwards.

Life Coaching: Decisions are hard to make when we are not clear about where we are and where our life is going. Freedom integrates his coaching skills to get you clear with yourself so that you can make clear decisions and he utilizes the technologies of ancient Vedic science to get a bigger picture of your strengths and weaknesses. In this way, he empowers you to overcome your road blocks and walk towards your highest potential.

Sessions are $100 an hour and paid at the time of the session. Sessions also available by Phone or skype. Call 510-938-1570 for an appointment.

Coaching session